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Scottish Studies at Guelph


The Centre for Scottish Studies was established to co-ordinate graduate studies in the history, literature and culture of Scotland and Scottish settlements in Canada. Students interested in working in this field register in the department dealing with the discipline in which their particular interest lies, for instance English or History. Special emphasis is at present laid on Scottish history from the 14th to the early 20th century, Scottish migrations and settlement in Canada, and Scottish and Scottish-Canadian literature.


Scottish Studies Office:

Thanks to the generosity of the Scottish Studies Foundation an office has been established:

Room 1008, MacKinnon Extension
519-824-4120 ext 53209

If you are in Guelph, you are welcome to visit, but please phone first as the office is not staffed full-time. There is a small Scottish library and a collection of the Scottish theses completed at Guelph available for consultation in the office.