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Scottish Studies Programs

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Graduate Programs

The core of the program lies in graduate-level education, normally undertaken as a MA or PhD in the relevant department (e.g., History or English). The MA degree may be taken as four courses with a thesis, six courses and a major research paper, or a taught degree with eight courses. Both the history MA and PhD are offered as part of the Tri-University Graduate Program in History. Students who wish to pursue Scottish Studies should apply to the department in which their major interest lies (e.g., History or English).

For details contact one of our associated academic departments:

MA students may enrol in the Topics in Scottish History seminar course and corresponding research course under the rotating tutorship of members of our faculty.

PhD students may undertake study in Scottish History (major and minor fields) and British History (minor field only). All Scottish Studies faculty are involved in graduate supervision and prospective students may contact them regarding potential supervision.

Learn more about our current graduate students or take a look at the research our students have produced since the earliest days of the Centre.

Scholarships, Grants & Awards

With the indispensable help of a number of generous individual and group donors, the university offers a number of scholarships and grants to Scottish Studies graduate students. These include a number of travel grants to support research trips to Scotland.

Undergraduate Courses

Scottish Studies is a graduate program; however, the departments of English and History offer several undergraduate courses in related subjects. At present these include:

  • ENGL 3360 Scottish Formations
  • HIST 2000 The British Isles 1066-1603
  • HIST 3030 Celtic Britain to 1066
  • HIST 3140 Witchcraft and Popular Culture
  • HIST 3530 Celtic Britain from 1603
  • HIST 4040 & HIST 4050 Topics in Scottish History

In addition, certain courses may draw heavily on or devote a significant portion of lectures to Scottish history:

  • HIST 3130 Popular Culture and Punishment 1700-1900
  • HIST 4710 Topics in Medieval History
  • UNIV 1200-17 From Braveheart to Game of Thrones: Representing the Medieval and Early Modern Past in Contemporary Film and Literature

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