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International Review of Scottish Studies

About the Journal

The flagship publication of the Guelph Centre for Scottish Studies is a peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly journal published online annually and covering all aspects of Scottish Studies. The journal is affiliated with the Canadian Association of Learned Journals and bears the DOAJ Seal for Open Access Journals awarded by the Directory of Open Access Journals to journals adhering to best open-access practices.

Since 1969, the Department of History at the University of Guelph, in conjunction with the Canadian Association for Scottish Studies (and more recently the Scottish Studies Foundation), has published a journal of essays and reviews on Scottish history and culture. In the early years, contributors to Scottish Tradition, as the journal was known from 1971, included leading scholars in the field of Scottish Studies, including Ian Cowan, Marcus Merriman, Maurice Lee Jr and Edward J. Cowan.

By the turn of the century, the time had come to refresh Scottish Tradition in order to ensure that it remained a desirable outlet for the research of leading scholars as academic trends evolved in North America and the United Kingdom. The introduction of an industry standard process of peer review for all articles submitted to journal, a change of name to the International Review of Scottish Studies (IRSS) and the switch from print to online, open access publication were important successive steps that safeguarded the standing of the journal within the academic community as the leading Scottish Studies journal published outside of Scotland.

The journal is edited by the Director of the Centre, ably assisted each year by a team of graduate students based our of the Centre.  Publication takes place each fall. A print version of the IRSS is produced by Stewart Publishing & Printing and made available to the Scottish Studies Foundation for distribution to its membership.

The International Review of Scottish Studies is open access and freely available online.  Visit us to view the current or archived issues of the journal (and its forerunner, Scottish Tradition) or to submit an article for prospective publication in a future issue.

Editorial Team
Editor: James Fraser, Director of the Guelph Centre for Scottish Studies
Assistant Editors: Mariah Hudec and Lisa Baer
Book Review Editors: Katie Comper and Persephone Seale
International Editorial Board
Michael Brown, University of Aberdeen
Gerrard Carruthers, University of Glasgow
Leith Davis, Simon Fraser University
Elizabeth Ewan, University of Guelph
Daniel Fischlin, University of Guelph
James Fraser, University of Guelph
Kevin James, University of Guelph
Linda Mahood, University of Guelph
Angela McCarthy, University of Otago
Micheal Penman, University of Stirling
Richard Sher, New Jersey Institute of Technology

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