Please note that Applied Music instruction (lessons) at the University of Guelph is only available to students who are enrolled in a Music program:  General program, area of concentration, honours program, major or minor IN MUSIC.

The on-line audition module for Music, via SlideRoom, involves multiple steps so please read through all of the information below before beginning. Please note that all audition materials must be uploaded by 1 September  for Fall placement in Applied Music Instruction (lessons).  The due date for auditions for consideration for the Winter term is 8  December.  There are no Applied Music lessons offered in the Summer term.

Get started well in advance of this date, as the audition process takes time.


For new incoming students, or students new to the Applied Music at the University of Guelph:

MUSC*1500 – Applied Music instruction (individual lessons) is only available by audition.  MUSC*1500 is restricted to students in Semesters 1-4 who are enrolled in a Music program:  General program, area of concentration, honours program, major or minor.  Students enrolled in a Music program, Honours Major, may audition for MUSC*1500 beyond the fourth semester.

Only students who are registered in a Music program at their time of admission will be considered for placement in Applied Music (lessons). 

Continuing students:

Applied Music courses are designed to be taken during successive Fall and Winter terms.  If his sequence is interrupted for more than one semester, students may be required to reapply (re-audition) before registering to continue in Applied Music.

Students must achieve a minimum grade 70% in Applied Music courses in order to proceed to the next level.

Students enrolled in a Music program, Honours Major, may audition or MUSC*1500 beyond the fourth semester.


STEP 2: SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FOR APPLIED MUSIC (LESSONS) and your audition video to SLIDEROOM by 21 August (Fall 2017 deadline) or 8  December (Winter deadline)

Please note that uploading an audition is separate from an application for admission to the University of Guelph.  You must have completed an application to the University.  Please see ‘How to Apply’ at

Please note that you should work on Step 3 (see below) at the same time as Step 2, as both have the same deadline of 21 August, in 2017 (as of 2018, this will be August 15).

Your application for Applied Music Instruction (lessons) – including this application form and your audition video - must be submitted online via University of Guelph's SlideRoom portal at the following address:   SlideRoom is open for submissions between 21 July and 1 September.

Please note that SlideRoom will allow you to log in and edit your portfolio as much as you like, but no more changes are allowed after you click submit.  A US $5 fee will be charged to each applicant at the time of submission. Please follow the instructions on SlideRoom to make this payment.


Application to Applied Music (Lessons) form:

Please download and complete the ‘Application to Applied Music (Lessons)’ form that is available to you in PDF under 'Application to Applied Music (Lessons) -

You will need to upload the completed PDF application form in SlideRoom along with your Audition Video.

*Please note, this Application to Applied Music (Lessons) is NOT your application to the  University of Guelph


Audition Video:

Your audition video needs to conform to the posted requirements for your instrument.  You must play music or exercises as requested in the audition specifications for each instrument, which you will find under the link ‘Applied Music" on the right-hand side of this page.

Please submit your (maximum) 15-minute video, with clear audio, under the specified link.

Your video must be a continuous take of you playing your instrument or singing, with live accompaniment as appropriate, and it must conform to the specifications in the instructions provided under Applied Music – General Online Audition Information for all candidates’(link on right-hand side of this page).

Acceptable formats include mov, wmv, flv, and mp4 for videos. To optimize image quality and upload speed please keep video files under 250MB each. Our SlideRoom portal offers additional instruction for submitting work and links for technical assistance.

Students are responsible for providing their own accompaniment (where appropriate: see specific instrument/vocal requirements under Applied Music - General Information). Jazz players may include their own rhythm section to accompany their audition.  When recording your video, use live accompaniment; taped or CD accompaniment is not acceptable. 


Students will be notified of the results of their audition, using their email address, within one week of the audition deadline. If sight-reading is required (depending upon the instrument or voice), you will be notified of the requirements at this time.

Students in piano, voice, and orchestral instruments will be provided with a sight-reading sample and a means of submission, following successful completion of the SlideRoom audition.

For more information regarding your Applied Music Instruction (Lessons) application, please contact Dr. Marta McCarthy