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College of Arts International Graduate Student Study and Living Costs

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As an international student, you're taking a big step to pursue a graduate degree and continue your learning. However, with that decision comes financial commitments, moving cities or countries, and settling in a new environment by yourself or with family. We realize this is not an easy decision to make and want to remind you of the value of graduate-level learning, the skills you will develop, the topics you’ll explore and the benefits to your professional development and success.  

University of Guelph Campus

Why Guelph?

Moving to the City of Guelph is another wonderful experience. With a population of 145,400 people, Guelph is one of the fastest growing mid-sized cities within the province of Ontario. We aspire to be an environmentally focused community with: 

  • Over 1,110 km of bike lanes  

  • Over 70 km of trails 

  • Over 1,000 hectares of parks and open space, including the Arboretum located on the University of Guelph  campus. 

We also believe in reducing our carbon footprint, so you can commute to campus on one of the city’s accessible electric buses.  

The vibrant city life of downtown Guelph also includes incredible food and music. However, if you’re looking for more dynamic events, we are only an hour away from Toronto and a train ride away from Montreal, two of the most multicultural cities in the world. 

International Tuition and Incidental Fees

The international tuition amounts for 2024-25 are the following:

Program Type

Tuition Cost/ Semester

Total Tuition Cost/Year  
(3 semesters) 

MA (Full Time)$6,837.54 $20,512 
MFA (Full-time) $8,991.59 $26,975 
PhD (Full-time) $6,560.27 $19,681 

In addition, there are compulsory fees. In 2023-24 they were:

Fee Type

Total Cost/Year

University Fees


Student Organization Fees


University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)


Grand total


Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus

Living costs vary depending on several factors. 

  • Living on campus in Residence 

  • Graduate student housing is available on campus, which creates a convenient and affordable option. International graduate students coming to the University of Guelph for the first time are guaranteed a space in residence as long as they apply and pay the $750 residence deposit by June 3, 2024.Read more about living in residence 

  • First year graduate student applicants who reside within Canada will be entered into a graduate student lottery, and will receive a waitlist number or an offer of residence (pending availability) by June 7, 2024. These applicants are encouraged to explore off-campus housing. Learn more about residence priority at U of G. 

    Living Off-campus 

  • While we encourage first year graduate student applicants who reside in Canada to explore off-campus living, we highly recommend that International students live in university residences to be closer to peers and classes and campus services.   

Study and Living Cost


Estimate Costs (Monthly)

Estimated Cost (One Semester)

Estimated Cost (One Year)

Off campus housing (shared) $890-2,100 $5,600-8,400 $10,680 - $25,200 
Utilities $207.50$830$2,490
Food (groceries) $255.92$1,023.68$3,071.04
 Entertainment / Recreation (doing fun things) $175 .00$700.00$2100.00
Personal care (hair cuts, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.) $65.00$260.00$780.00
Clothing $130.00$520.00$1,560.00
Laundry (typically not part of housing costs) $4.00 ($2 per wash $2 per dry) $64.00$192.00

Public Transit buses included in tuition

Parking pass: $79-$160

Public Transit buses included in tuition

Parking Pass: $316-$640

Public Transit buses included in tuition

Parking Pass: $632-$1280

Books and supplies   $1,300
Total: $2,401.22$9,204.88$22,494.00

Additional One-Time Costs



Security Deposit for Housing/Rental Unit (Last Month's Rent)$200-$500
Home Décor/ Furniture$500-$1,000
Winter Clothing$300

Financing Your Education

At the University of Guelph, we view obtaining a university education as a significant investment in your future, and we're eager to invest in you, too. Understanding the importance of financial health, we are dedicated to equipping our students with comprehensive financial knowledge and resources, ensuring you are well-prepared to manage your finances effectively throughout your educational journey.

From the outset of your first year, you'll discover a wide array of funding opportunities designed to support both your tuition and living expenses. Our commitment to your financial well-being includes many scholarships and bursaries, which are integral to our support system. These financial aids are tailored to reduce financial burdens, enabling you to focus more on your studies and personal development. By laying a strong foundation, we aim to contribute to your overall success and well-being, ensuring that you are not just academically accomplished but also prepared for the future. At Guelph, we're invested in your comprehensive success—academically, personally, and financially.

We Pay You: Teaching Assistantships

Within the College of Arts we offer guaranteed funding packages whenever possible to qualified students. This funding will typically include Teaching Assistantships (TAs), valued at approximately $6,000 per semester, and usually some scholarship income. 

Note: This funding is meant to contribute to covering the cost of paying for tuition and living expenses. We will not be covering your tuition fees and living expenses, outside the funding we are able to guarantee you in your offer of admission. It is your responsibility as an incoming student to ensure you can meet the financial requirements to study and live in Guelph.