2012-2013 B.B.R.M.

Please Read Carefully!

Once a Schedule of Studies is published, the University does not go back and “fix it” when courses are deleted or changed. To help you keep track of what you need to graduate, changes to your Schedule of Studies are listed below. Some students find it useful to review these changes with a copy of their Program/Academic Evaluation in front of them. This way you can mark off what you have completed and what you still need to complete. Please note that substitutions won’t always show up on your Program/Academic Evaluation. If you find errors on your Program/Academic Evaluation, or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Program Counsellor.

Changes are listed for each major:

Changes for Environmental Management

Semester 5:

GEOG 2460 has a prerequisite of 0.50 credits in geography. Currently you do not meet this requirement so please talk to the instructor if you would like to take this course.

Restricted Electives:

ENVS 2020 is no longer offered.

ENVS 4240 is no longer offered. 

ENVS 3200 is no longer offered.

PBIO 4100 is no longer offered. 

ENVS 3110 will no longer be offered, effective Winter 2014.

ENVS 4130 will not be offered Winter 2015; it will next be offered Winter 2017.

BIOL 3120 is no longer offered; the replacement course requires STAT 2040, so we are investigating your ability to take this course. UPDATE: STAT 2060 has been added as a prerequisite to the new course, BIOL 3060 (Populations, Communities and Ecosystems). BIOL 3060 is a combination of BIOL 3110 and BIOL 3120. If neither course has been completed, students can apply BIOL 3060 towards the restricted elective requirement. If BIOL 3110 has been completed, BIOL 3060 can be completed and count towards restricted electives. Please come talk to Melinda if you are in this category; we will need to complete a course waiver form for BIOL 3060. If BIOL 3120 has been completed, please select other restricted electives.

BIOL 3110 is not a restricted elective, but is a prerequisite option for some restricted electives. Please note that this course is no longer offered and the material has moved to the new BIOL 3060 course. Please plan to take alternative prerequisites until the department corrects its current prerequisites which include BIOL 3110. 

It is also my understanding that ENVS 3130 (Fall only) and ENVS 3070 (Fall only) will no longer be offered.

A new course, ENVS 4390 will be a 1.00 course starting Fall 2015 and it will replace ENVS 3120, ENVS 4150 and ENVS 4250.

Course Cancellations for Winter 2015:

ENVS 3110 Resource Planning Techniques
ENVS 3280 DE Env. Perspectives and Human Choices II
ENVS 4130 Chemical Ecology:  Principles and Practice
ENVS 4140 Topics in Earth Science (W15/F15/W16)
ENVS 4190 Biological Activity of Herbicides

Course Cancellations for Fall 2015:
ENVS 3190 Environmental Water Chemistry
ENVS 4230 Biology of Aquatic Insects
ENVS 4280 Geomicrobiology
ENVS 3260 Field Methods in Geoscience

Changes for Equine Management

Restricted Electives:

ANSC 3210 will last be offered Winter 2014. You may not take ANSC 1210 as a substitution for this requirement.

PBIO 4100 is no longer offered.

ANSC 4020 wiil become MBG 4020 as of Falll 2015. This is just a change in the offering subject area.

MBG 4030 will move to a Winter offering only as of Fall 2015.