Supplemental Information for Your Schedule of Studies

In order to find out what courses are required for graduation, you must refer to the Undergraduate Calendar to read your Schedule of Studies and degree requirements. You must follow the Schedule of Studies (i.e. the list of courses required for your major as well as any other major requirements) outlined in your Calendar Year. You can find your Calendar Year on your Program/Academic Evaluation on WebAdvisor; it is listed as "Calendar" (for example, if your Calendar is “2017” your Calendar Year is 2017-2018). For the majority of majors, each Calendar Year requires a unique set of courses; this makes it very important for you to know what Calendar Year you need to follow.

It is recommended that you use your Schedule of Studies and your Program/Academic Evaluation on WebAdvisor in addition to the information below to assess what courses you still have left to complete for your degree program. If you have any questions about your degree requirements, please ask your Program Counsellor for assistance.

Changes to Course Offerings

Many changes have been made to course offerings over the last few years. How these changes affect your Schedule of Studies for your Calendar Year is recorded according to Calendar Year in the right side menu. Every effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of these lists, but they should be used as a tool along with the listserv emails sent by your Program Counsellor and consultations with your Faculty Advisor. Check back often for updates.

Use the current Undergraduate Calendar to look at current course descriptions, policies and dates.

Use the links on the right side menu to find the list of changes that apply to all students for each Calendar Year.

Please note that individual substitutions or exemptions will not be noted on this webpage; you must get individual agreements in writing with your Program Counsellor and Faculty Advisor.

Other Changes to Course Offerings

Other course changes not directly affecting core courses can be found on the websites below:

Please note that these websites are only posted here to help you find courses that have changed outside of the B.B.R.M. degree program. Any course substitutions noted on these sites that are different than those listed in the links above are not approved for the B.B.R.M. degree program.