2018-2019 B.B.R.M.

Please Read Carefully!

Once a Schedule of Studies is published, the University does not go back and “fix it” when courses are deleted or changed. To help you keep track of what you need to graduate, changes to your Schedule of Studies are listed below. Some students find it useful to review these changes with a copy of their Program/Academic Evaluation in front of them. This way you can mark off what you have completed and what you still need to complete. Please note that substitutions won’t always show up on your Program/Academic Evaluation. If you find errors on your Program/Academic Evaluation, or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Program Counsellor.

Changes are listed for each major:

Changes for Environmental Management

The number of research/independent study courses has been reduced (from 12 to four). Courses remaning are: ENVS 4410ENVS 4420ENVS 4430ENVS 4510.

ENVS 4030 is a new course called Ecohydrology. It is offered in the Winter and requires 1 of (BIOL 2060, GEOG 3160) and 1 of (GEOG 2460, STAT 2040, STAT 2060, STAT 2120, STAT 2230).

ENVS 2340 is no longer offered. You must complete an extra 0.50 credits from List A as a substitution. This means you must complete a total of 6.50 restricted electives, 3.50 from List A. 

ENVS 3030 is no longer offered. 

EDRD 2650 will not be offered Fall 2019 and will only be offered in Winter moving forward.

EDRD 3450 will not be offered Winter 2020.

Changes for Equine Management

EQN 3070 is moving to a Winter offering. You will take it Winter 2021 (instead of Fall 2020).

EQN 3150 and EQN 3050 are merging to create EQN 3250: Equine Exercise Physiology. EQN 3250 will be offered in Fall. You will take EQN 3250 in Fall 2021 instead of EQN 3050 and EQN 3150 in Winter 2021. EQN 3250 is worth 0.50 credits. 

ANSC 3090 is a new course starting Winter 2019. It's called "Vertebrate Ethology" and looks at animal behaviour. This course will eventually become a prerequisite for ANSC 4090 (Applied Animal Behaviour). ANSC 3090 can be used as a science restricted elective. *Update* The name is now "Principles of Animal Behaviour" and is offered in Fall semesters starting Fall 2019.

ANSC 4090 is moving to a Winter offering in Winter 2020 and will require ANSC 3090 as an additional prerequisite. 

EQN 2060 and EQN 2070 are becoming a 1.00 credit course. It will be EQN 2080: Equine Event Management. EQN 2080 will be offered in Fall semesters starting Fall 2020. 

Changes for Food Industry Management

No changes at this time.