Full Courses or Missing Prerequisite

Posted on Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Many courses are doing what is called “rolling enrollment”. This means they are opening spots throughout the course selection period with hopes of giving students with later selection windows equal opportunity to add courses. If a course is full and the cap looks suspiciously low (nothing is capped at 5!), they are likely using the rolling enrollment system.

That said, some classes may fill up and not open new spaces. I would encourage you to be proactive in this instance. If a class or section you would like to take in the Winter semester is full and the caps look like they can’t go higher, you can contact the instructor of the class to see if they are willing to overload the section you would like to take. There are many reasons why this might not be possible (not enough room in the lecture hall, not enough lab benches in a lab section, not enough resources for all students etc.), but if you do not ask, you do not give the instructor an opportunity to say yes.

If the answer is yes, you and the instructor need to sign a Course Wavier Request form (available in our office and at the Registrar’s Office). Once signed, you need to submit the form to the Registrar’s Office (third floor of the University Centre) and they will put it on WebAdvisor for you. You may only submit a Course Waiver Request form during a course selection period or add period (and only once your window has opened).

If there is no instructor listed, please contact the chair of the department that offers the course. A list of chairs is available online.

If you are missing a prerequisite course, you can see if an instructor will let you take the course without it, but in this case you should have a conversation about whether it is wise to take the course without the prerequisite with the instructor. If the instructor agrees and you are comfortable taking the course missing the prerequisite, then the process is the same as the above, just a different spot on the Course Waiver Request form for the instructor to sign.

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