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Last Day to Add Classes is Tomorrow

Please recall that tomorrow is the last day to add Fall 2015 classes. Late adds will only be done in extreme circumstances and are not guaranteed.

First Year Students – Orientation Event Reminder

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 8th for the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Program Meeting. The meeting starts at 2:30pm in Rozanski 102. Staff, faculty and students will be on hand to welcome you and give you an overview of your program. Plan to attend! Meetings for Majors run on Wednesday, September 9th at 10am. Environmental Management students are in Rozanski Hall 105 and Equine Management students are in Rozanski Hall 106.

First Day of Classes

The first day of classes is Thursday, September 10th.

Course Registration – Fall Semester

Course Registration for the Fall Semester will open on August 17th at midnight. If you did not pay your $200 deposit on or before August 7th, your courses will be removed from your schedule. The Registrar's Office will notify you via email if you were deregistered from your courses. You must pay this deposit before you can add courses to your schedule again. It is your responsibility to add your courses back to your schedule on WebAdvisor if you have been deregistered; your previous space is not guaranteed.

Reminder – $200 Deposit Due August 7th

Student Financial Services is your primary contact for all student account questions including tuition and payment deadlines, but this needs to be repeated: Remember to pay the $200 deposit by August 7th (earlier if using electronic payment). Warning: The Registrar's Office can and will deregister you from your courses if you do not make this payment and there is no guarantee you will be able to get back into your courses once you pay the deposit.

Last Day of Classes and Start of Exams – Summer Semester

Please note that the last day of classes is July 31st and the exam period will begin on August 6th. Good luck on exams! As a reminder, Thursday, July 30th is for classes rescheduled from Monday, May 18th and is a Monday schedule. Friday, July 31st is for classes rescheduled from Wednesday, July 1st and is a Wednesday schedule.

Current Students – Fall and Summer Semester Add Period Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the next opportunity to add courses to your Fall and Summer schedule is on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015. This Add Period will remain open until Friday, May 15th, 2015. When selecting courses during this Add Period be sure to check for exam conflicts in the Summer semester. Students must not enrol in courses with conflicting exams (exams which are at the same time on the same day). The Fall semester exam schedule will be posted at a later date. 

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