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New Students - MGMT 2150 isn't really full!

All Enviromental Management (EM) students are to take MGMT 2150 in their first semester. As it is a second year course, it does fill up as our upper year students add it, but please be assured the posted cap is false and spots are being saved for first year EM students. Please email Melinda ( to enroll. Please don't wait to do this; spots are saved for you for the first part of course selection, then the extra spots are released to all students. 

First Year Students – Orientation Event Reminder

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 4th for the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Program Meeting. The meeting starts at 12:30pm in Rozanski 102. Staff, faculty and students will be on hand to welcome you and give you an overview of your program. Plan to attend!

Meetings for Majors on Wednesday September 5th are a great way to meet your Faculty Advisor.

Environmental Management: 10:30am in Rozanki Hall room 105 with Dr. John Lauzon

Equine Management: 10:30am in Rozanski Hall room 106 with Dr. Katrina Merkies

New Students – Full Courses and Tips for When to Check Availability

I just wanted to give a bit of insight into how first year courses are monitored by departments and how it conflicts with the time of day when many of you are selecting courses. Most of us leave work before 5:00pm; just when course selection is really getting started by students as you get home from school or work. This may sometimes mean that spaces fill up overnight when students are selecting and staff members are not monitoring spaces in courses. In the morning, around 8:30am, staff will review the overnight course selection and at that point, will open more spaces if they are able to.

New Students – Four Courses in First Semester?

Yes, some students entering their first semester in the fall will only be taking four courses!

For the B.B.R.M. degree program students are required to take a course worth 1.00 credits. For Environmental Management students, this is ENVS*1030 and for Equine Management students this is EQN*1010. This course, in addition to the other three courses each worth 0.50 credits, will give you a total of 2.50 credits which gives you full-time registration. Food Industry Management students will take five courses for a total of 2.50 credits.

Welcome New Students!

Welcome new students! Congratulations on your decision to join the University of Guelph family.

Any important news about course selection will be posted on this website, so please check back if you have a question to see if it is addressed here. If not, please contact Melinda Vanryn ( with your questions.

New Students – First Year Course Selection has Closed

Course selection for first year students has closed. The Add Period will run from August 21st, 2017 to September 15th, 2017; students can add and drop courses during the Add Period for the Fall semester. If you were unable to select all of your courses please let me (Melinda, know asap so we know how many students still require it.

New Students – Course Selection Ends July 5th

Course selection for incoming first year students will end on July 5th. Please contact the Program Counselling Office at 519-824-4120 ext. 54800 if you are having troubles with your course selection (note that the office is closed on the weekends and the University is closed on Monday, July 3rd). The next course selection period will be open from August 21st to September 15th.

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