Automatic shape landmark detection

Advisor: Dirk Steinke, Integrative Biology
Geometric morphometrics is the statistical analysis of shape using Cartesian landmark and semilandmark coordinates. After separating shape from overall size, position, and orientation, the resulting Procrustes shape coordinates can be used for statistical analysis. 
Coordinate data necessary for geometric morphometric analysis can come from a vast array of sources and are usually captured manually using a digitizing tablet or by measuring an image on the computer. There have been attempts to find shape landmarks automatically and this project will make use of such tools to build a pipeline that automatically retrieves shape landmarks as well as basic morphometric measurements from a stack of images retrieved from the Barcode of Life Datasystems (BOLD) database.
Prospective students could work on the following aspects of the project:
- Automatic shape recognition of pre-filtered image sets (Arthopods)
- Landmark setting (including orientation correction)
- Basic automatic measurements (length, width of specimens)