Protein production within organoids from Schizophrenic patients

Advisors (biological):
Jennifer Geddes-McAlister (MCB)
Jasmin Lalonde (MCB)

The Geddes-McAlister lab (proteomics), in collaboration with the Lalonde lab (neuroscience), uses mass spectrometry-based proteomics to assess differences in protein production within organoids (mini brains) derived from healthy and schizophrenic patients to uncover a better understanding of the biology underscoring schizophrenia and propose innovate treatment options. Using a large proteomics data set, we are seeking an M.BINF student to process the data in MaxQuant and Perseus (publicly available proteomics software packages) to analyze, interpret, and visualize the datasets. In addition, we are using cutting edge quantification strategies, which require the development of an in-house data analysis pipeline. Software training on the proteomics platforms will be supported by the Geddes-McAlister lab and strong mentorship for the development of the data analysis pipeline and its applications will be provided.