New Course Offerings Winter 2015

Posted on Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Here are courses that have been sent to me as they are new trial offerings of courses not yet published in the Undergraduate Calendar:

ENGL*1030 - Effective Writing 

Effective Writing is designed for students interested in developing the skills required for strong written communication skills. This course will be of particular interest to students seeking to fulfill writing/English course requirements for professional school applications.

The course format is a hybrid: in addition to the out-of-class commitment, students attend two one-hour lectures per week (Monday and Wednesday, 11:30 – 12:20) and one hour on alternate Fridays (11:30-12:20) led by Dr. Paul Salmon and participate in a third hour via a robust courselink website!

This course, which is designed primarily for those not pursuing a specialization in English, will focus on the development of the skills for effective writing. Within an interactive, learner-centered classroom environment, students will gain an appreciation of strong written communication skills and will be encouraged to develop a facility with written self-expression. Topics will include sentence and paragraph structure, essay organization, and the implementation of convincing written arguments. Students will apply these skills to the completion of several written assignments, culminating in the completion of a short persuasive essay.

UNIV*3000 - Interdisciplinary Service Learning

(for third year students): Are you looking for an opportunity to develop tangible skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and community engagement?  UNIV*3000 - Civic Engagement and Service Learning - provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to learn about community engagement in an intimate and interactive environment, and apply their learning in a group community project.  For information on course registration and upcoming information sessions, please visit  Students must attend an information session (begins October 1), have 9.0 credits by January 2015, and be signed in by the course coordinator.  For further questions not answered on the website, contact 

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