New Students – Elective Choices

Posted on Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

One of the decisions you will make this Fall is the elective course you take. If you are stuck on this, I will first recommend you have a look at the First Year Seminar course (UNIV 1200). This is a course with several seminar times, each with a unique topic. The section you select will determine the topic you learn for the semester. More information can be found on the First Year Seminar website. Spots for this course are slowly being released, so if they are all full, you can check back at a later date to see if more spots open. The limit is less than 20 spots per section, so select quickly!

If this course is not one you are interested in, you are welcome to contact me (Melinda, to discuss other options. There are quite a lot, so please narrow it down a bit by letting me know your interests!

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