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New Students – First Year Course Selection has Closed

Course selection for first year students has closed. The Add Period will run from August 17th, 2015 to September 18th, 2015; students can add and drop courses during the Add Period for the Fall semester. If you still need LARC 1950 or LARC 1110 please let me (Melinda, know asap so we know how many students still require each course.

New Students - LARC 1100 is Full

LARC 1100 has reached its capacity on WebAdvisor. Please be assured that there are still a few hidden spaces available in this course, but they will not appear on WebAdvisor. Please contact me (Melinda, asap to discuss the process for getting enrolled in LARC 1100 for the Fall semester. 

Studio Art Courses Now Available

The faculty in the Studio Art department now have a good idea of students requiring their fundamental courses and are pleased to say they have room and will welcome BLA students into SART 1050 and SART 1060. These are their two foundation courses. 1060 deals primarily with 3D media, orthographic drawing, and some time based media. 1050 is primarily 2D. First year students, please contact Melinda for information on how to be signed in (but note that SART 1060 conflicts with your BLA core courses, so you will have to wait to potentially take this course).

New Students - LARC 1950 is showing as full on WebAdvisor

We are aware that LARC 1950 is showing as full on WebAdvisor. Since this course is open to all students, we will keep it as full on WebAdvisor, but please be assured that spaces are being held for students in the BLA program. If you still require this course, please contact Melinda (519-824-4120 ext 54549 or to find out the process to getting signed into a full section. 

New Students – Course Selection Ends July 3rd

Course selection for incoming first year students will end on July 3rd. Please contact the Program Counselling Office at 519-824-4120 ext. 54549 if you are having troubles with your course selection (note that the office is closed on the weekends and the University is closed on Wednesday, July 1st). The next course selection period will be open from August 17th to September 18th.

New Students - Full Courses

Some of the SOC 1100, PSYC 1000, PHIL 1010 and ANTH 1150 courses are getting full and there may not be new spaces opening up. If you would prefer to take one of the full courses, please contact the BLA Program Counsellor, Melinda (ext. 54549), for options. You can also keep checking back on WebAdvisor for spaces in case other students drop the course and a space becomes available.

Applying to Graduate

For those of you who are going to complete your courses in August, you need to apply to graduate by June 18th, 2015 to avoid a late penalty. You would have already received an email from the Registrar’s Office with instructions if you will complete 20.00 credits this semester. Please refer to the information on the graduation webpage for more information about the process (under "Current Students", select "Graduation" on the right hand side).

New Students - ENGL 1200 is NOT Required

Some of you may have noticed that the Schedule of Studies in the Undergraduate Calendar notes students in the BLA program should take ENGL 1200, which conflicts with what is written in the New Student Registration Handbook.

The short answer is that you do not need to take ENGL 1200; you are to follow the New Student Registration Handbook for your first semester course selection.

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