New Students

New Students – Is 10 Minutes Enough Time?

Many of you have asked if 10 minutes is enough time to get from one classroom to another. I assure you, I am a slow walker and yes, 10 minutes is enough time to get from one class to another!

New Students - Clarification of First Semester Courses

There is an unfortunate error in the New Student Registration Handbook that makes your required course selection for the Fall a bit confusing. It is simply an incorrectly coloured bullet point, but it does make the list quite confusing! To clarify, in first semester you will select a total of five courses (2.75 credits): 

1) LARC*1100

2) LARC*1950

3) BIOL*1500

4) One elective worth 0.50 credits

Welcome New Students!

Welcome new students! Congratulations on your decision to join the University of Guelph family.

Any important news about course selection will be posted on this website, so please check back if you have a question to see if it is addressed here. If not, please contact Melinda Vanryn ( with your questions.

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