Final Grades - Winter Semester

Grades will begin to be displayed on WebAdvisor beginning Saturday, April 26th, 2014; some grades may not appear until Monday, April 28th.

Please note that once a grade has been processed in the Office of Registrarial Services that course will no longer display on your “Class Schedule” or on your “Register and Drop Sections” screen on WebAdvisor. This may happen before grades are released.  

Continuation of study assessment for students who have final grades in all their W14 courses will be reflected on their academic evaluation by May 2, 2014. 

Missed Final Assignment or Final Exam? - Winter Semester

If you have missed a final exam or a final assignment, please contact the Program Counselling Office (Johnston Hall, 133A or ext. 54800) during open door hours (Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm; Friday 10am-12pm) to discuss your options. You have five working days after the missed exam or assignment deadline to submit a request for a deferred privilege, so please contact the office as soon as you are able. If you are unable to contact the office due to extreme circumstances, please take care of yourself first and then contact the office. 

Graduation Applications - Winter Semester

All graduation applications have been processed. If you were not contacted by Melinda or Sean, your application has been moved to "Tentative". This means you have all the correct courses and the right amount of credits; all that is left is for you to successfully complete your current courses and have a 60% cumulative average. Enjoy the rest of the semester and good luck on exams!

Drop In Hours and Booking Appointments with Melinda

With course selection now closed, our office will return to our usual process for meeting with me. Starting on Tuesday, March 25th you have two options for meeting with me: you can either come to my weekly drop in hours or book an appointment in advance. Drop in hours will be on Mondays from 12:00pm–1:00pm and on Tuesdays from 11:30am–12:30pm. These are hours where I will see students in the order they arrive during that time. Appointments are booked at least a day in advance and are booked by talking to Carie.

Reminder: Last day of Course Selection is March 24th

March 24th is the last day of this course registration period. The next add period will open May 7th and end May 16th. You can change your Summer and Fall courses during this time. If you are changing your Summer courses, please be aware of the exam schedule and do not schedule yourself into a conflict. 

Full Courses

If a class or section you would like to take in the fall or summer semester is full, you can contact the instructor of the class to see if they are willing to overload the section you would like to take. There are many reasons why this might not be possible (not enough room in the lecture hall, not enough lab benches in a lab section, not enough resources for all students etc.), but if you do not ask, you do not give the instructor an opportunity to say yes.

Drop In Hours and Booking Appointments with Melinda for Course Selection

During the course selection time period, I am available for appointments and drop ins. If you would like to sit down with me for an appointment please come to Johnston Hall 133A and sign up for a 15 minute time slot on the sheets provided. I ask that you only have one sign up time during this course selection period so others can have a chance to sign up as well. Please note that you must book your appointment time before we close the day before the appointment. No same day appointments will be booked unless it is an emergency.

Course Selection - Winter Semester

Course Selection for the Summer and Fall semesters runs from March 3rd to March 24th. Your selection time will depend on your ID number and semester level. Your semester level is listed on your Program/Academic Evaluation (available on WebAdvisor). Your time to start signing up for courses will be emailed to you by the Registrar's Office. It will also be listed on WebAdvisor.

Drop In Hours Cancelled for Monday, February 10th

Drop in hours are cancelled for Monday, February 10th. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Drop in hours for Tuesday, February 11th will run as usual (11:30am-12:30pm).

Applying to Graduate

For those of you who are going to complete your courses in April, you need to apply to graduate by February 14, 2014 to avoid a late penalty. You would have already received an email from the Registrar’s Office with instructions if you will complete 20.00 credits this semester. Please refer to the information on the graduation webpage for more information about the process (under "Current Students", select "Graduation" on the right hand side).

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