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Reminder – Last Day to Add F16 Classes is September 16th

Please note that Friday, September 16th is the last day to add classes for Fall 2016. Permission to add late is not guaranteed as the policy states that permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances (illness or compassionate grounds for missing all or part of the first three class days; interchanging courses with common lectures, one with and one without labs; late resolution of appeals; failure of a deferred course condition or examination; university errors in registration procedures), so please make sure you have all of your courses added by Friday. 

First Day of Classes

The first day of classes is Thursday, September 8th.

First Year Students – Orientation Event Reminder

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 6th for the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Program Meeting. The meeting starts at 2:30pm in Rozanski 102. Staff, faculty and students will be on hand to welcome you and give you an overview of your program. Plan to attend! Meetings for Majors on Wednesday September 7th are a great way to meet your Faculty Advisor. They start at 10:00am; Environmental Management in Rozanski Hall 105 and Equine Management in Rozanski Hall 106. 

Full Courses

If a class or section you would like to take in the fall semester is full, you can contact the instructor of the class to see if they are willing to overload the section you would like to take. There are many reasons why this might not be possible (not enough room in the lecture hall, not enough lab benches in a lab section, not enough resources for all students etc.), but if you do not ask, you do not give the instructor an opportunity to say yes.

Drop In Hours – Fall Semester Start Up

From September 6th to September 16th, Melinda, your Program Counsellor, will have drop in hours (instead of appointments). Drop in hours are times when you can ask questions about your courses in the order you arrive during the drop in times. There will be a sign up sheet for each time slot that will be made available 15 minutes prior to the start of the drop in time.

Monday September 5, 2016 – Office is Closed

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 – 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 – 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Course Registration – Fall Semester

Course Registration for the Fall Semester opened on August 22nd at midnight. If you did not pay your $200 deposit on or before August 5th, your courses will be removed from your schedule. The Registrar's Office will notify you via email if you were deregistered from your courses. You must pay this deposit before you can add courses to your schedule again. It is your responsibility to add your courses back to your schedule on WebAdvisor if you have been deregistered; your previous space is not guaranteed.

New Students – Full Courses and Tips for When to Check Availability

I just wanted to give a bit of insight into how first year courses are monitored by departments and how it conflicts with the time of day when many of you are selecting courses. Most of us leave work before 5:00pm; just when course selection is really getting started by students as you get home from school or work. This may sometimes means that spaces fill up overnight when students are selecting and staff members are not monitoring spaces in courses.

Four Courses in First Semester?

Yes, students entering their first semester in the fall will only be taking four courses!

For the B.Sc.(Agr) degree program students are required to take a course worth 1.00 credits (AGR 1110). This course, in addition to the other three courses each worth 0.50 credits, will give you a total of 2.50 credits which gives you full-time registration.

This also means you cannot select an elective course for the fall semester.

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