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New Students – First Year Course Selection has Closed

Course selection for first year students has closed. The Add Period will run from August 17th, 2015 to September 18th, 2015; students can add and drop courses during the Add Period for the Fall semester. If you still need a section of BIOL 1050 that does not conflict with open sections of MATH 1080 and AGR 1100 please let me (Melinda, know asap so we know how many students still require a working schedule.

New Students - No Working Schedule on WebAdvisor

BIOL 1050 only has spaces open on Friday morning and afternoon, which conflicts with the open spaces for MATH 1080 and AGR 1110. The department does not want to open new spaces that work for Agriculture students as there is a chance students in other programs will take the spots that work best for you. There are still spaces available in the other sections (just hidden for now), so please select the afternoon MATH 1080 lab, the morning AGR 1110 seminar and contact me (Melinda, about getting into one of the hidden spaces in BIOL 1050. 

New Students – Course Selection Ends July 3rd

Course selection for incoming first year students will end on July 3rd. Please contact the Program Counselling Office at 519-824-4120 ext. 54549 if you are having troubles with your course selection (note that the office is closed on the weekends and the University is closed on Wednesday, July 1st). The next course selection period will be open from August 17th to September 18th.

New Students - UPDATE: No Working Schedules with AGR 1110, BIOL 1050 & MATH 1080

UPDATE: BIOL 1050 will open new spots tomorrow; this should make the two available AGR 1110 labs work with the remaining availability of MATH 1080.

(OLD POST): We are aware that MATH 1080, AGR 1110 and BIOL 1050 sections have limited to no working spots for Agriculture students. In order to evenly distribute students among labs, we will not open new spots until later this week so the current spots can be filled by students in another program who can fit in those lab sections. 

New Students - Full Sections

MATH 1080 has just opend more spaces and BIOL 1050 will open spaces tomorrow. Pleaes check back for a working schedule once those spots are opened.

Applying to Graduate

For those of you who are going to complete your courses in August, you need to apply to graduate by June 18th, 2015 to avoid a late penalty. You would have already received an email from the Registrar’s Office with instructions if you will complete 20.00 credits this semester. Please refer to the information on the graduation webpage for more information about the process (under "Current Students", select "Graduation" on the right hand side).

New Students – Full Courses and Tips for When to Check Availability

I just wanted to give a bit of insight into how first year courses are monitored by departments and how it conflicts with the time of day when many of you are selecting courses. Most of us leave work before 5:00pm; just when course selection is really getting started by students as you get home from school or work. This may sometimes means that spaces fill up overnight when students are selecting and staff members are not monitoring spaces in courses.

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