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Course Selection Ends Today

Please note that today, October 30th, is the last day of course selection. Make sure all paperwork is submitted to the Registrar's Office by 4:30pm and that you have selected all of your courses on WebAdvisor. The Course Add period will run from December 9th to January 10th, so you can make changes to your schedule during that time but please be aware that the exam schedule will be posted in December and it is your responsibility at that point to ensure you do not have conflicting exam times. 

40th Class Day - Fall Semester

The last day to drop classes without academic penalty (the 40th class day) is Thursday, October 31st, 2013 for the fall semester. Please contact your Program Counsellor before this date if you think you may need to drop a fall course.

Course Selection - Fall Semester

Course Selection is from October 7th to October 30th. Your selection time will depend on your ID number and semester level. Your semester level is listed on your Program/Academic Evaluation (available on WebAdvisor). Your time to start signing up for courses was emailed to you by the Registrar's Office. It will also be listed on WebAdvisor.

Last Day to Add Courses - Fall Semester

Just a reminder that Friday, September 13th is the last day to add Fall 2013 classes. Please make sure you have all of your courses on WebAdvisor by the end of day tomorrow. 

Reminder of Drop In Hours - Fall Semester

From September 3rd to September 13th, Melinda, your Program Counsellor, will have drop in hours (instead of appointments). Drop in hours are times when you can ask questions about your courses in the order you arrive during the drop in times. There will be a sign up sheet for each time slot that will be made available 15 minutes prior to the start of the drop in time. 

Drop In Hours:

Add Period Ends September 13th - Fall Semester

The last day to add classes to your schedule for Fall 2013 is Friday, September 13th, 2013 at 11:59 pm. You may change your courses on WebAdvisor until this time. Any Course Waiver Request forms must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by 4:30 pm on Friday. 

Course Registration – Fall Semester

Course Registration for the Fall Semester will open on August 19th at midnight. If you did not pay your $200 deposit on or before August 9th, your courses will be removed from your schedule. The Registrar's Office will begin this process the night of August 18th and will notify you via email on August 19th if you were deregistered from your courses. You must pay this deposit before you can add courses to your schedule again. It is your responsibility to add your courses back to your schedule on WebAdvisor. 

Exams - Summer Semester

The Summer 2013 Final Examination Period runs from August 8th to August 16th.

You may view your final examination locations on WebAdvisor, on the Office of Registrarial Services website or on the hard-copy posting located at the Office of Registrarial Services on the third floor of the University Centre. 

If you miss an exam or are unable to complete a final assignment, please contact the Program Counselling Office. 

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