Course Selection

Full Core Courses

Some core required courses have filled (e.g FOOD 3090, ANSC 3210, ANSC 3080 etc.). If it's required for you, instructors will do their best to squeeze you in, so please contact the instructor for assistance. First year students, for CHEM 1040, BIOL 1050 or MATH 1080, please contact Melinda.

All Students – Restrictions on First Year Courses Removed July 22nd at 12pm noon

The restriction on most first year courses will be removed July 22nd at 12pm noon. First years, this means spots will start to go very quickly! Upper years, the same for you; if you want a spot in a first year course, make sure you login on the 22nd. WebAdvisor will need to close to make these changes, so there will be no access the morning of the 22nd.

All Students – Restrictions on First Year Courses

Some first-year sections have been temporarily restricted to students who have 5.00 or less credits (completed, in progress, or pre-selected). Students who have more than 5.00 credits (completed, in progress, or pre-selected) who wish to enrol in a first-year course that is restricted, may be able to do so beginning at 12pm (noon) on July 22nd when most restrictions will be removed. See the full list of restricted courses on the restricted courses website

Fall 2019 Schedule is Posted

The Fall 2019 course schedule is now posted on WebAdvisor. 

Course selection for current students begins June 17th, 2019. Windows will be opened each day based on credit count. Check WebAdvisor for windows. 

Incoming students will be able to select starting June 26th, 2019. 

Note restrictions on first year courses will be in place (allowing only incoming high school students to select) until July 22nd, 2019. 

Courses can be added and dropped until September 13th, 2019.

Full Courses or Missing Prerequisite

Many courses are doing what is called “rolling enrollment”. This means they are opening spots throughout the course selection period with hopes of giving students with later selection windows equal opportunity to add courses. If a course is full and the cap looks suspiciously low (nothing is capped at 5!), they are likely using the rolling enrollment system.

First Year Restrictions

Many first year courses will be restricted to first year students only. This is to ensure they are able to get their required courses. Restrictions on most first year courses will be removed November 23rd.

Courses affected are listed on the course restriction page.

ENVS 2040 has changed times

To accommodate the increased enrollment of this course (due to its use as a substitution for ENVS 2340) and to correct a conflict with another course (for another major), ENVS 2040 has changed times and is now being offered Thursdays 19:00-21:50. ENVS 2340 has been removed from the schedule. 

ENVS 2040 and ENVS 2340

As noted in my email to the listserv, if you require ENVS 2340 for your major, you will need to take ENVS 2040 instead. 

I know ENVS 2340 is posted on the schedule, but I can guarantee it will be removed. ENVS 2040 needs to change its time due to a conflict (with another course for another degree program), so watch for ENVS 2340 to be removed and ENVS 2040 to change times (likely to a night class) in the near future. 

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