Academic Consideration

If you are experiencing difficulties of a personal, psychological, or medical nature, the University has several policies and regulations which outline how and when you can access academic consideration.

Depending on for what and when you need to ask for academic consideration (during or after the semester); academic consideration request is considered by different people (or committees). It may take the form of an extended deadline, a deferred privilege, a late drop of a course(s) with or without failure, withdrawal from a semester with or without academic failure, permission to continue on probationary status, or reinstatement in the Co-op program. The term academic consideration is also used for appeals of Academic Status such as requesting Probationary Status after being Required to Withdraw.

Depending upon the circumstances and whether the semester work is complete, consideration may be granted by the instructor, the Program Counsellor, or the Academic Review Committee of the program in which you are registered. The Regulations on Academic Consideration, Appeals and Petitions outline the categories, grounds, timelines and appeals.

During the Semester

During the semester, academic consideration is granted by the instructor of the course affected. So, if you miss a lab, seminar, or midterm test or exam, or if you will be late with submission of an assignment or report, then contact your instructor about possible accommodation. It is important that you read what is required as outlined in your course outline or on Courselink to be sure you are familiar with the expectations of all of your courses. If all courses are affected by your personal situation then connect with your Program Counsellor to discuss options.

At the End or After the Semester

If your personal circumstances are affecting your ability to complete your academic work within the current semester, then you need to contact your Program Counsellor. Depending on your circumstances, you may ask for a deferred privilege or another form of academic consideration. These circumstances include missing a final exam, or not handing in a final assignment. At this point, a formal academic consideration request or appeal process for a deferred privilege is followed. You can review information about the process for requesting academic consideration using the links "Request for Academic Consideration" and "Deferred Privileges and Exams" in the right hand menu.

Please note that requests for deferred privileges must be submitted to your Program Counsellor, or alternatively to Enrolment Services in the Office of Registrarial Services, within five working days of the missed examination/course work deadline. Please discuss other requests and associated deadlines with your Program Counsellor.

Co-op Students - Requesting Re-admission into Co-op

If you have been required to withdraw from the Co-op program after First Year Review and you have medical, psychological or compassionate grounds to submit a request for re-admission into the Co-operative Education program, please see the link to the Co-op and Career Services website for information on deadlines and process.