Course Registration

Course selection dates are in Section III of the Undergraduate Calendar, Schedule of Dates

Please be sure to read the information sent by the Registrar’s Office or review the website here:

Knowing your Degree Requirements

To determine what courses you need in any upcoming semester, you need to first do some planning. Use the appropriate Undergraduate Calendar, your Program/Academic Evaluation from WebAdvisor, and the newest Undergraduate Calendar to sketch out an overall plan of what you need to take to get all your degree requirements ahead of time. This means you can focus your attention on the current or upcoming semester courses to build your course schedule with ease.

You need to make sure you are using the Undergraduate Calendar with the Calendar Year that is declared on your Program/Academic Evaluation, unless otherwise discussed and approved by your Program Counsellor.

Your Program/Academic Evaluation is a personalized up-to-date list of all the courses you have taken, are currently taking, and are registered to take in the next semester and the courses/requirements you still need to complete. It is based on the Undergraduate Calendar that you are following. For more on your degree requirements, use the tips on how to read your Program/Academic Evaluation.

For course prerequisite and course code changes, compare the current Undergraduate Calendar with the Undergraduate Calendar for your Calendar Year. Both the current Undergraduate Calendar and archived Undergraduate Calendars can be accessed from the same website.

By referring to both the Undergraduate Calendar for your Calendar Year (Schedule of Studies), the newest Undergraduate Calendar (for course code and prerequisite changes) and your Program/Academic Evaluation when building your schedule you can ensure that you are meeting the requirements of your degree.

More information on adding and dropping courses can be found by clicking on the "Adding Courses" and "Dropping Courses" links on the right side menu.