Dropping Courses

You can drop courses using WebAdvisor up until the last day of classes in a semester (as published in the Schedule of Dates). 

To drop a course log in to WebAdvisor. From the “Students Menu” select “Register and Drop Sections”. Under “Current Registrations” select the course you would like to drop by clicking on the box under the “drop” column. Please be careful that you are dropping the right class since you cannot add a course once the Course Selection Period is closed. Once you have confirmed you have selected the right class please click “submit” at the bottom of the page.

When using WebAdvisor to drop a course, it is important that you double check to confirm that the course has been removed from your record. To do this, you can go to the "Student Menu" and click on "Class Schedule" on WebAdvisor. The dropped course should no longer appear on your Class Schedule. If the course is still there, try logging off and back on to WebAdvisor, and then click on "Class Schedule" again to determine if the course has been removed. If it is still there, you need to repeat the Drop process.

Note that Courselink is only updated periodically, and if a course is still listed on Courselink, it does not mean you are still enrolled.

If you find yourself needing to consider dropping a course, you may want to talk to your Program Counsellor. There are options.  If you are having difficulties in a particular course, dropping may not be the only option. Talk with your Program Counsellor to discuss your options. 

You can drop all courses on WebAdvisor (or voluntarily withdraw from the semester) with no academic penalty up to the last class day. It is recommended that you meet with your Program Counsellor to discuss withdrawing from all classes to discuss all your options and the processes involved. 

If you choose not to register for classes for six or more consecutive semesters, you will be required to apply for readmission in order to continue at the University of Guelph. A semester with voluntary withdrawal counts as a registered semester. All three semesters of the academic year – Summer, Fall and Winter – are included in the calculation.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds may be available depending on when you drop the course(s) and how many are dropped. The amount of the refund decreases incrementally as the semester progresses. For the Refund Schedule please refer to Section VI, Schedule of Fees, of the Undergraduate Calendar.