Letters of Permission

If you are thinking about taking courses/credits at another University, then you need approval to attend that institution. Specifically, you need approval to take courses elsewhere to count towards your University of Guelph degree. Letter of Permission is proof of that approval.

A Request for Letter of Permission form is available from your Program Counsellor, online, or from Enrolment Services located on the third floor of the University Centre. You will need to obtain appropriate approvals (signatures), as indicated on the form, before applying for admission to the other institution. It is your responsibility to read the directions included with the Request for Letter of Permission form including payment for the Letter of Permission.

  • You must apply to the visiting institution and meet that institution's deadlines for admission application, registration and fee payments.
  • You are required to have an average of 60% or above and be Eligible to Continue at the University of Guelph in order to be considered for a Letter of Permission.
  • Generally, if the course(s) that you are requesting is (are) offered at the University of Guelph in class or by distance education, then you will not be permitted to take it (them) through Letter of Permission.
  • You must get specific approval from your Program Counsellor to complete final degree credits on Letter of Permission. You should be aware that using a Letter of Permission for your final credits for your degree will likely delay graduation due to the paperwork involved. For example, if you complete a Letter of Permission in a Winter semester and are planning to graduate in June you will likely not be able to, but instead will be considered for graduation in the Fall semester.
  • Any changes in the courses taken must have the appropriate approvals from the Program Counsellor and must be verified by official documentation from the other institution. The University reserves the right to deny credit equivalency for courses taken without prior approval.
  • Once the Letter of Permission form has all required approval signatures, take the form to Enrolment Services in the Registrar's Office for processing and pay the fees associated with the Letter of Permission. The Registrar's Office will send a letter to the host institution to inform them of your eligibility.
  • A $50.00 fee is required at the time of submission of the Request for Letter of Permission Request form.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the host institution sends your official transcript(s) directly to Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services at the University of Guelph. If the transcript is not received by the twentieth class day of the semester following completion of the courses, an F will be entered on your University of Guelph internal academic record.
  • There will be a notation on your official transcript that credits have been taken at another university.
  • Courses taken with Letter of Permission will not count as course attempts under the continuation of study regulations nor will the grades count in the semester average, the overall academic average, or your specialization average (as applicable). The courses will appear as credited (CRD) on your transcript and may be used towards your overall degree requirements.