Voluntary Withdrawal

If you decide to not attend a semester, you can do so. This is called Voluntary Withdrawal. If you are considering voluntary withdrawal, you are encouraged to meet with your Program Counsellor to discuss options and implications of this process. You are allowed to not register for up to five semesters but remain in your current degree program. University Regulations outline the details of this situation. After such time, you will be required to apply for readmission.

Withdrawal before selecting courses for next semester

You are able to plan to take a semester off by not completing the Course Selection process. You simply do not register for courses. In preparation for your return, simply register for courses during the appropriate Course Selection or Add period.

Withdrawal before (and not including) the first class day

If you wish to withdraw before the first class day, you may do so through Student Financial Services. If you have completed course selection as well as payment of fees, Student Financial Services will arrange for the appropriate refund. If you withdraw after paying the tuition deposit but before the first day of classes for Fall Semester, the registration deposit will be forfeited (not refunded). For more information regarding refunds of fees please see Refunds.

Withdrawal between the first and last class day

If you choose to withdraw after the first class day it is recommended that you meet with your Program Counsellor before following through with dropping all classes on WebAdvisor to clarify the implications of withdrawal and determine that withdrawal is the best action. Instructions for dropping courses on WebAdvisor can be found under Course Registration on this website.

If you receive financial assistance such as OSAP, contact Student Financial Services to discuss implications of your withdrawal as well as the time you plan to be away from the University. If you withdraw before the last day of classes, you will not receive academic penalties and may be eligible for a refund of tuition and/or fees.

If you are withdrawing for medical, compassionate or psychological reasons, you may be eligible for a different tuition and/or fees refund than is published in the refund schedule. Consult Student Financial Services for information on tuition fee appeal.

If you choose to withdraw, you are responsible for returning all materials to the Library regardless of return due date. As well, you must pay all outstanding financial accounts.

For more information please refer to Section VIII of the Undergraduate Calendar.