Course Selection Tip/ Full Courses

Posted on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019


Note that some courses have rolling enrollment. This means they are releasing spots slowly over the course selection period. Check WebAdvisor often to see if new spots have been released in a course you are interested in.

If a course/section is full please contact the instructor of that course/section to see if they are able to overfill their course/section. There is no guarantee the instructor will be able to accommodate this request, but it is worth asking in case the answer is yes. If it is yes, you and the instructor need to sign a "Course Waiver Request" form (found in our office, at the Registrar's Office on the third floor of the University Centre and online. Once signed by both of you, you need to hand the form in at the Registrar's Office so they can add the course on WebAdvisor for you (or you can email it to

If a course fills, keep watching WebAdvisor for possible openings (if others change their minds and drop their spot or if the department opens new spots). You can also contact me about a Plan B if you cannot get in.

If you do not have the prerequisite for the course, you can talk to the instructor. Please see this as a way to discuss if you will do well in the course; don’t just ask them to say yes. If they do say yes, the paperwork is the same as above (they just sign a different section of the form).

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