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S18 Course Selection Information and Drop In Times

Course Selection - Summer 2018 courses only! (Fall Course Selection will be later).
Course Selection for Summer 2018 only starts on March 5th. S18 courses are up on WebAdvisor so if you are taking courses this summer, you can start planning now.

Fall 2018 Course Selection will begin in June (date tbd). 

Course Selection for S17, F17

Course Selection for the Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters is open from March 6th to March 27th. The registrar's office has sent you an email with your course selection window. The date your window opens indicates when you can start choosing courses. Everyone has until March 27th to register. If you would like to meet with Jill - please note Jill's drop in times during course selection (below). Jill also has some appointment times available during this busy time. Stop into our office (JH 133A) and discuss options with Carie.

Welcome Incoming Students! (F16)

Welcome to the B.Sc. (Env.) Degree Program! Course selection for incoming first year students will end on July 4th. Please contact the Program Counselling Office at 519-824-4120 ext. 54800 if you are having trouble with your course selection. Our office is closed on the weekends and the University is closed on Friday, July 1st. The next course selection period will be open from August 22nd to September 16th.

Course Selection for F16

The next Course Selection Period for Fall 2016 (for in-course students) will take place from June 6 - June 10, 2016. WebAdvisor will be open for you to Add or Drop courses from your schedule for fall. Also note the Add Period for Fall 2016 starts August 22 and remains open until September 16, 2016. Other important dates for this academic year can be found in the 2016/2017 Undergraduate Calendar's Schedule of Dates.

Course Selection for Summer and Fall 2015

To meet with Jill during the Course Selection period come in to Johnston Hall 133A - Carie can help you find a drop in time, or sign up for a 15 minute appointment.

(Please note: It is best to Declare your Major during one of Jill's drop-in times.)

S14 and F14 Course Selection

Course Selection for S14 and F14 is from March 3, 2014 to March 24, 2014. Your selection time will depend on your ID number and semester level.  Click here for information on when your specific window for course selection occurs. Jill's schedule of availability during course selection is now posted on Carie's desk in the Program Counselling Office (133A Johnston Hall).  Take note of when Jill's extended drop-in hours are for first-come, first-served advice - or sign up for a meeting time.

W14: Course Selection (Oct. 7-30)

The Course Selection period for the Winter (2014) semester begins on Monday October 7. Please check WebAdvisor to see when your window opens. If you have questions about courses, your timetable or anything else you think we can help you with, please come by to see us. I have Jill's Course Selection schedule posted here in the Office (Johnston Hall, Room 133 A). We look forward to seeing you!

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