Why Study Environment at Guelph?

The University of Guelph has a robust suite of environmental programs to suit individual student interests.

The B.Sc. (Env.) program is designed to provide a strong interdisciplinary grounding in environmental sciences. Management and decision-making skills are emphasized for the application of scientific knowledge to environmental problems and the evaluation of environmental policies. This program promotes practical problem-solving and communications skills and includes experiential learning opportunities such as co-op, research and international exchange programs. Through this unique four year degree program, you will study a wide range of courses from a variety of disciplines. You will gain the knowledge you need to balance in-depth science within a broader context of societal needs, economics and politics.

Four Majors within the B.Sc. (Env.) Degree

Graduates of these majors gain employment in a range of fields, from government agencies to private industry to research.

Career Opportunities

  • Air Quality Analyst
  • Alternative Energy Developer
  • Conservation Biologist
  • Environmental Assessment Analyst
  • Environmental Policy Advisor
  • Hydrologist
  • Remediation Specialist
  • Soil Conservation
  • Researcher
  • Parks and conservation
  • Consulting and assessment
  • Policy-making and municipal affairs
  • International development

Admissions Requirements: ENG4U; MHF4U; two 4U courses from SBI4U, SCH4U or SPH4U, two additional 4U or 4M courses. To be best prepared for semester one of the program, all applicants are advised to include 4U Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

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