Adding a Minor

Beginning with the 2016/17 academic year, all B.Comm students may add a minor to their program.

It is important to note that there are specific requirements if you wish to add a minor. The most critical are listed below.

1)  If you are in second year or above, you will have to switch your major to the 2016/17 calendar as your major and minor must be the same calendar year. For most B.Comm majors, the 2016/17 Schedule of Studies is similar to previous years, but there have been some revisions. It is important that you discuss these changes with a Program Counsellor. If you have been admitted as a new student starting fall 2016, you are already under the 2016/17 calendar.

2)  You are permitted to double-count (or share) a maximum of 50% of the required courses between your major and minor. Minors are typically 5.0 credits so the number of credits that can be double-counted is usually 2.50. If the number of double-counted required courses between the major and minor exceeds 50%, you cannot add the minor. The courses from your major that apply to the double-counting requirement are your required and restricted elective (if applicable) courses. Liberal Education and Free electives are not considered in the double-counting requirement and can be used towards your minor.

Given the requirements outlined above, the following major/minor combinations are not possible:

  • B.Comm students cannot complete the Business, or Business Economics Minors (these are new minors under the 2016/17 calendar--the current Business Administration Minor is being replaced by the new Business Economics Minor).
  • Marketing Management students cannot complete the Marketing Minor. It may be possible for B.Comm students in other majors to complete the Marketing Minor; check with a Program Counsellor to determine eligibility.
  • Management Economics & Finance and Public Management students cannot complete the Economics Minor. It may be possible for Food & Agricultural Business and Real Estate and Housing Students to complete the Economics Minor--please contact professor Eveline Adomait (

3)  Some major and minor combinations may require you to complete more than 20 credits to graduate, given the number of required courses for most B.Comm majors. Depending on the timing of course offerings, you may also need to complete additional semester(s) to satisfy the requirements of your minor.

4)  Should a required course for your major be scheduled in the same time-slot as a required course for your minor, we strongly suggest that you give preference to the course required for your major. Failure to complete your major courses when specified in your schedule of studies may extend the length of time required to complete your degree.

5)  It is possible to add a minor to your degree after you graduate. Please contact our office for details.

All available minors are listed below; they have been grouped according to the degree program that offers the minor. For pages that list both major and minor, the minor requirements are listed at the bottom of the page.

Note: the links below are for the 17/18 calendar only. Remember that your major and minor must follow the same calendar year.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

* addition of these minors requires approval of the Faculty Advisor for the Specialization.

Procedure for adding a minor

To add a minor, complete the following steps:

  • Meet with a B.Comm Program Counsellor--we will briefly review the requirements for your minor as well as outline the changes to your major under the 2016/17 Calendar
  • If approved, you will be given a Schedule of Studies Change Request form that you must submit to Enrolment Services, Level 3, University Centre
  • Any questions about your minor should be directed to the Faculty Advisor for the Specialization

*For Criminal Justice and Public Policy and International Development, you must obtain permission from the Faculty Advisor for the Specialization before meeting with a Program Counsellor.