Changing Majors (within BComm) | College of Business and Economics

Changing Majors (within BComm)

Bachelor of Commerce students have the opportunity to switch majors within B.Comm provided that they:

  • Are currently enrolled in the B.Comm Program and,
  • Have the appropriate math prerequisite. The Accounting, Food and Agricultural Business, Leadership and Organizational Management (pre 2017/18), Management Economics and Finance, Marketing Management and Real Estate and Housing majors require Advanced Functions (MHF4U) plus a second 4U mathematics or MATH*1030.

If you are in the B.Comm Undeclared First Year, please visit the Undeclared Information page.

Procedure for changing majors

Students who wish to switch majors and meet the requirements listed above must complete the following procedure:

  • Meet with a B.Comm Program Counsellor to review your request and obtain their permission in the form of a signature on a Schedule of Studies Change Request form.
  • It is also important to meet with the Faculty Advisor for the major that you are switching into to discuss future courses as well as how your previous courses will fit into your new major.
  • Submit the completed Schedule of Studies Change Request form to the Registrar's Office, Level 3, University Centre.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a Co-op program, please contact our office as there are additional forms and criteria .