Undeclared First Year

Students admitted to the Undeclared First Year can view the Fall and Winter list of suggested courses via the Undeclared Schedule of Studies.

If you are already interested in a specific major and would like to investigate it further, you can view the semester one and two course requirements. As an Undeclared First Year student, we encourage you choose the introductory course that relates to your potential major of interest. They are listed below;

The deadline to select a B.Comm major is mid February 2018, just prior to the beginning of the Fall 2018 course selection period.  If you decide on your major before this date, you are welcome to contact the B.Comm Program Counselling Office and declare your major.

Resources to help you choose your B.Comm major

  • MGMT 1000 Intro to Business--you will take this course during the Fall semester. Provides you with an understanding of the evolution of forms of business organization and their role in social and economic development.
  • The Undergraduate Calendar will provide you with details on all of the courses required for each of our majors.
  • Faculty Advisors are experts in their major who can assist you with questions concerning their program and beyond: graduate school, career opportunities etc.
  • Student Groups and Clubs—connect with peers who are currently completing a B.Comm major.
  • What can I do with my Degree—up to date information on what you can do with a B.Comm degree for each of our majors as well as a list of companies where our graduates have found careers.