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Certificate in Hospitality Studies

The Certificate in Hospitality Studies program helps students gain a comprehensive overview of the hospitality industry, a sound understanding of motivators and performance enhancement principles, as well as financial management skills to help participants succeed as a hospitality professional.

Certificate in Leadership

The Certificate in Leadership program focuses on new leadership models and active learning, allowing undergraduate students to apply conteporary leadership theories and models to real life problems.

Certificate in Business

The Certificate in Business is designed to be beneficial to those who are not enrolled in a business program, but wish to gain knowledge of business concepts. It provides participants with opportunities to develop the professional skills essential for success in business environments. The functional areas of business are introduced in required courses. Participants may customize their learning through their choice of electives by either focusing on one particular subject area or selecting from different subject areas for more breadth.

Certificate in Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship

The certificate in Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship aims provide students with a critical understanding and awareness of the complexity of world and the value of their disciplines as contributing to interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems.