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Conference and Competition Funding

Deca Guelph students

Attending a conference and/or competition can offer students an opportunity to apply their learning, network with future employers and colleagues and gain a number of skills outside of the classroom.

The College of Business and Economics is proud to support students in attending and hosting industry related competitions and conferences taking place regionally, nationally and even globally. There is a formal application process in place for students seeking financial support to attend a competition or conference. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and funds are allocated accordingly. Read our FAQ for more information.

Benefits of attending a conference or competition

  • New perspective
  • Deeper knowledge on a topic
  • Networking opportunities
  • Glimpse into the work world
  • Experiential learning
  • Practical knowledge

Application process

To apply for funding to attend a competition or conference, please follow this process:

Step 1: Request funding

Step 2: Await response

Step 3: Attend event

Step 4: Submit claim

Recommended conferences and competitions

Link to list of conferences and competitions