Graduate Teaching Assistant Teaching Excellence Award Guidelines

Deadline: April 15, 2017


A nomination package must include two nominators, one of which is/was an undergraduate student who was registered in the course for which the GTAs contributions are being recognized.


Nominees must be graduate students registered in a program offered by the College of Business and Economics who held a GTA position, for which their contributions are being recognized, during the current academic year inclusive of the previous Summer semester (e.g. For nominations due April 15, 2016 the student may have held a GTA position in S15, F16 or W16).


The recipient will receive a commemorative certificate. Decisions will be made by the College of Business and Economics Awards Committee.


The award is intended to recognize the outstanding contribution made by a graduate teaching assistant to undergraduate or graduate education in one or more of these areas:

  • classroom/lab teaching
  • effective grading and assessment
  • distance education
  • exceptional learning outcomes
  • preparation of teaching materials
  • other areas of teaching


Nomination packages are to be submitted to the College of Business and Economics Dean's Office by April 15, 2016. Packages may be submitted via email to

What to include

Nominator's letter

The nominator(s) should provide a one‐page letter in support of the nomination. This letter should emphasize the major contributions of the nominee.

Nominee's Contribution

Nominees will be asked to provide:

  • a 1 ‐ 2 page statement that describes the nominee’s teaching objectives and methods. This may include a description of the major challenges that he/she faces in his/her teaching context and the methods and techniques used to meet these challenges,
  • letters from faculty who have supervised their GTA work, and
  • Any other relevant material they feel should be brought to the attention of the committee.

Other Material

The committee will also consider:

  • Signed letters from current and former students
  • Signed letters from others familiar with the contributions of the nominee