Joshua LeBlanc

Ph.D. Candidate, Management
Department of Management
Phone number: 
Ext. 52393
Macdonald Stewart Hall (MACS), Room 311B

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2018    Ph.D. Candidate

  • University of Guelph
  • Management-Organizational Leadership
  • College of Business and Economics
  • Department of Management          

2013    M.A.

  • University of New Haven
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Concentration in Organizational Development
  • Certification in Human Resource Management. 

2011    B.S. (honors)     

  • St. Lawrence University
  • Psychology

Awards and Honours


  • 2017-2018      Scholarship for Teaching and Learning Award 
  • 2017      CBE Research Assistantship Award- Career Outcomes of Today's Emerging Adults. 
  • 2016-2017       Mitacs Accelerate Internship. Generation Z: Understanding Canada's Newest Youth Generation.   
  • 2016       Winner of the Barry Armandi Award for Best Student Paper- Management Education and Development (MED) Division- Academy of Management (AOM).
  • 2016       Board of Graduate Studies Research Scholarship
  • 2016       Graduate Certificate in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, University of Guelph and the  Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA UK).
  • 2015        Board of Graduate Studies Research Scholarship
  • 2015        Winner of Best Student Paper- ASAC Org Theory Division 
  • 2013-2017        Ontario Trillium Scholarship Winner  
  • 2013-2016        University of Guelph Internal Scholarship  
  • 2012        Academic All-American                       
  • 2012        USTCCA All-Academic Team      
  • 2012        UNH-SHRM Director of  Communication and Social Media
  • 2011        Elected to Psi Chi, Psychology Honorary Society                      
  • 2010        Student representative for Psychology department at SLU       
  • 2010        Elected to ODK, National Leadership Honor Society
  • 2007-2011   First recipient Ronald E. Pitkin’52 North Country   Scholarship.                                        
  • 2007-2011   Deo B. Colburn Education Foundation Scholarship recipient.                                              
  • 2007-2011   John B. Lynch Scholarship Award recipient      
  • 2007-2011   University Scholar and St Lawrence Grant recipient
  • 2007-2008   American Management Association  Scholarship recipient.        


Research Interests

  • Student-life balance associated with caregiving responsibilities (eldercare and disability care most specifically). Interests include those currently providing care, either directly or indirectly, as well as those anticipating care giving responsibilities in the future. 
  • The consequences of parental attachment bonds and parenting styles on early career development. 


Burga, R., LeBlanc, J., & Rezania, D (2017). Analysing the effects of teaching approach on engagement, satisfaction and future time perspective among students in a course on CSR The International Journal of Management   Education. 15, 306-317. DOI:10.1016/j. ijme.2017.02.003.

Flaherty, J., McAdams, B.G., and LeBlanc, J.E. (2017) "Words Matter: the Impact of “Catchy” vs Conventional Course Titles on Student Interest," The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: 8(1), Article 4. Available at:

Aung, M., Bahramirad, S., Burga, R., Hayhoe, M., Huang, S., LeBlanc, J (2017). Sense-Making Accountability: A Netnographic Study of an Online Public Perspective. Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 37(1), 18-32. DOI: 10.1080/0969160X.2017.1284601.  

Huang, S., LeBlanc, J., & Choi, H.S. (2016). How do Chinese Tourists Differ from Caucasian Tourists? An Empirical Study from the Perspective of Tourists’ Self-Concept. International Journal of Tourism Sciences, 16(4), 222-237.

LeBlanc, J. (2014). The Evidence. In Redmond, K. (ed.) Communicating in a Character Culture With Tact, Integrity and Courage in the Workplace. 77-94. Holland Landing, ON:IC Publishing.

LeBlanc, J. (2014). The Obesity Prevention Toolbox: Improving Workplace Health Promotion Programs Using Stakeholder Salience and Social Marketing. Journal of Business and Economics 5 (12): 2303-2315. 


  • McAdams, B., Elliot, S., & LeBlanc, J. (2017). Drive by My Cellar Door: Do Boutique Wineries Benefit from Tourism? Wine and Culinary Tourism Conference, Kelowna, B.C, Canada, October 17-21, 2017.
  • LeBlanc, J., Burga, R., & Rezania, D. (2016). Analyzing the Effects of Teaching Approach on Engagement, Satisfaction and Future Time Perspective. Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2016, Anaheim, CA, August 2016. Winner of the Barry Armandi Award for the best student paper- Management Education and Development (MED) Division. 
  • LeBlanc, J., Burga, R. (2016). Assessing Student Future Time Perspective, Engagement and Satisfaction in a Course on Corporate Social Responsibility. 29th Annual Teaching and Learning Innovation Conference, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario April 2016..
  • Huang, S., & LeBlanc, J (2015). How do Chinese toursists differ from Caucasian tourists? An empirical study from the perspective of tourists' self-concept. Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) conference, Niagara Falls, ON 23-25 September, 2015.
  • LeBlanc, J & Lyons, S. (2015). Helicopter parents and their indecisive kids: The impact of parental attachment on Millennials' early careers. Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2015, Vancouver, BC 07- 11 August, 2015.
  • Flaherty, J., McAdams, B., & LeBlanc, J. (2015). Words Matter: The Impact of “Catchy” vs. Conventional Course Titles on Student Interest Graduate Student University Teaching Conference. Creating a Climate for Learning: Recognizing and Adapting to your Teaching Environment, Guelph, ON. Sept. 3, 2015
  • LeBlanc, J, & Hayhoe, M.A. (2015). Mindfulness, Moral Reasoning and Ethical Leadership: A Closer Look. Presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference (ASAC), 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 13-16. Winner of the Best Student Paper Award for the Organizational Theory Division.
  • Bahramirad, S., Burga, R., Hayhoe, M., Huang, S., LeBlanc, J., Merchant, S., Rahmati, M. (June 2015). A Descriptive Study of Reactions to the Ontario Power Plant Closures from the Online Community. Paper presented at the Administrative Science Association of Canada Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia. June 13-16.
  • LeBlanc, J. (2014). The Obesity Prevention Toolbox: Improving Workplace Health Promotion Programs Using Stakeholder Salience and Social Marketing. Preliminary paper presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference, Muskoka, ON, May 2014.
  • LeBlanc, J., & Fryer, J. (2013). “The Effects of Cumulative Sleep Deprivation on Sexual Decision Making in College Students.”– Poster Presentation, Johnson Hall of Science. St. Lawrence University. Abbreviated data presented at the 14th annual meeting of the SPSP. January 17-19, 2013 pre-conference on self-regulation.  


Ontario Trillium Scholarship 


Current Courses

Graduate TA: HROB 4100: Evidence-Based People Management (Fall Term 2013); LEAD 6740: Coaching and Developing Others (Fall and Winter 2013-2016, Summer 2016-2017); HROB 3090: Training and Development (Winter 2015); MGMT 3020: Corporate Social Responsibility (Fall Term 2013 and 2014, Winter 2015).