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Nita Chhinzer

Nita Chhinzer
Associate Professor, Leadership & Organizational Management
Department of Management
Macdonald Hall (MAC), Room 227

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Dr. Nita N. Chhinzer is an Associate Professor of Human Resources at the Department of Management, University of Guelph.  Her research is concentrated on Strategic Human Resources Management, with a strong focus on downsizing practices, procedures and ethics.  Her program of research includes securing a stronger understanding of downsizing activity in the Canadian context, with an aim to effect public policy and legislation regarding layoffs. She has gained international recognition with conference participation including Athens, Greece, Paris, France, and many North American speaking engagements.

  • PhD, Human Resources Management, DeGroote School of Business,McMaster University
  • MBA, Management of Innovation and New Technology, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University
  • BA, Faculty of Arts, York University
  • HR Law Certificate, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, ON.

In May 2012, she was awarded the prestigious five-year Fellowship in Leadership, HRM and Work at the University of Guelph though a very competitive process, recognizing her expertise in those topics.

In 2007, Nita was a Visiting Professor in the area of Human Resources Management and Downsizing at the Graduate School of Business, University of Paris 1: Sorbonne-Pantheon. There, she lectured to groups of graduate students and developed a research program with Dr. Florent Noel on addressing downsizing issues at the international level.

Her primary areas of research are turnover and layoffs, including labour force movement, decision making processes and outcomes of employee exits. She has co-authored three HR textbooks aimed at the Canadian university/college level.

Select Scholarly Journal Publications (peer reviewed)

1. Chhinzer, N. (2014). The Role of Reasonable Notice Legislation in Organizational Downsizing Decisions in Canada. International Journal of Law and Management, 56(5).

2. Hafaidhllaoui, M & Chhinzer, N. (2014). The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions for Knowledge Workers, Engineering Management Journal,  26(2)

3. Chhinzer, N., & Ababneh, K. (2010). Characteristics of the Unemployed in Canada: Leavers, Losers, and Layoffs. International Business & Economics Research Journal, 9(12), 1-15.

4.Chhinzer, N., & Ghatehorde, G. (2010). Challenging Relationships: HR Metrics and Organizational Financial Performance. Journal of Business Inquiry, 8, 37-48


1. Dessler, G., Chhinzer, N., & Cole, N. (2014). Management of Human Resources, The Essentials, (4th edition), Pearson Education Canada

2. Dessler, G., Chhinzer, N., & Cole, N. (2013). HRM in Canada. (12th edition). Pearson Education Canada

2. Bulmash, J., Chhinzer, N., & Speers, E. (2010). Human Resources Planning in Canada. (1st edition). McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited

Peer reviewed scholarly presentations 

1. Chhinzer, N. & Currie, E. (2014). Event analysis: organizational financial performance and downsizing. Academy of Management Annual Conference, Philadelphia, USA.

2. Chhinzer, N. (2014) Exploring Union Instrumentality During Mass Layoffs, Canadian Industrial Relations Association Annual Conference, St. Catherines, ON, Canada.

3. Chhinzer, N. (2013). Market Reactions to Downsizing Announcement Rhetoric: Does the Message Matter? Academy of Management Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, USA.

4. Chhinzer, N. (2013). Reasonable Notice Legislation in Canada: Good in Theory, Bad in Practice. Administrative Sciences Academy of Canada Annual Conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

5. Chhinzer, N. & Berger, M.  (2013). Impact of Mandatory Retirement Abolishment on Employment Indicators of Older Members of the Workforce: An Ontario Assessment from 2003-2011. Canadian Industrial Relations Association Annual Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada.

6. Chhinzer, N. (2012). Shareholder Reactions to Downsizing Announcements: Effects of Legitimization on Share Value. Administrative Sciences Academy of Canada Annual Conference, St. John's, NFLD, Canada

7. Chhinzer, N., & Noel, F. (2011). Announcing Downsizing: Impact of Explanations on Perceived Psychological Contract Breach. Proceedings of the Southwest Academy of Management Conference, Houston, TX, 571-584.

8. Chhinzer, N., & Henderson, R. (2011). Attempts to legislate ethical layoff practices in Canada: Strengths and Weaknesses? 18th Annual International Conference Promoting Business Ethics, Manhattan, NY, USA.

9. Chhinzer, N., Pleutsch, C., & Henderson, R. (2011). A Framework of Restructuring Pressures, Triggers and Stakeholder Influence in Public Sector Organizations. 18th Annual International Conference Promoting Business Ethics, Manhattan, NY, USA.


Select diverse audience based presentations

1. Invited Speaker: (Nov 2013): ADP Steak Lunch Speaker Symposium: War on Talent, Kitchener, ON.

2. Invited Speaker: (May, 2013) The Changing Workplace: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Centre for Families, Work and Well-being Roundtable Discussion, Guelph, ON

3. Chhinzer, N. (2012), Best Practices: Managing Large Scale Terminations, HRM TV

4. Invited Speaker (November, 2011) on the Evolution of HR at the Guelph Connect Conference