Opportunities for Staff and Faculty

Green Office Program

Our green office program recognizes in-office efforts to promote and enhance sustainability in the workplace and encourages you to set targets to reduce your personal and departmental impact. Learn more about how to get started with the program by viewing or downloading the PDF below. 

If you're wondering where your office stands? Fill out our Certification Checklist and Questionnaire webform.

Supervise a URA / USRA / Co-op Student

Previously, several faculty members have supervised students on summer research projects related to institutional sustainability, food security, or other topics, in coordination with the Sustainability Office. Our office is always open to working with students and researchers on campus. Please email Samantha sustainability@uoguelph.ca if you're interested in collaborating on a campus sustainability research project. 

Office Composting Program

The Sustainability Office provides materials and information necessary to start composting in the workplace. Visit our page on in-office composting to learn more.