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***Important Update August 29, 2014***

NSERC-CANPOLIN will officially cease operations on September 1, 2014. Questions or comments after this date should be directed to Peter Kevan (pkevan@uoguelph.ca). This site will continue to be updated with new publications and other relevant information as time and resources permit.

On behalf of our reseachers and Board of Directors, we would like to extend a warm thank you to our many supporters and partners who have helped make CANPOLIN so successful. We look forward to continuing to work with many of you as new opportunities present themselves. We thank NSERC for making this Strategic Network possible.


...News from CANPOLIN...

Available January 2015: The CANPOLIN research digest "Pollination Nation" is now available. (more)

Webinar Announcement: CANPOLIN to host TWO additional webinars in December 2014 (more)

image bank

Bees of Canada Image Bank: The Packer Lab at York University has released its long anticipated online image bank containing amazing images of Canada's bee fauna. Click here to be redirected.



Available August 2014! A handbook for lowbush blueberry growers that summarizes research findings from the Canadian Pollination Initiative. (more)





Webinar Announcement: CANPOLIN to host a three-part series of webinars on crop pollination in Canada and Latin America. (more)

CANPOLIN launches national floral calendar for beekeepers.

Bumble bees learn from each other by observation and in-hive communication(more)

CANPOLIN Announces New Floral Calendar for Ontario Beekeepers: See the What's New page for all the details.

Chair in Pollinator Conservation Appointed: The University of Guelph has named Dr. Nigel Raine as the new Rebanks Family Chair in Pollinator Conservation. Click here for the full press release.

CANPOLIN Winter Newsletter Now Available! Click here to open.

Now Available! The Mobilizing Pollination Research in Canada Roundtable report is available for download.

Also posted: presentations from the CANPOLIN Symposium at the Entomological Society of Canada meeting in Guelph, ON, on October 23, 2013.

CANPOLIN Research Resonates with Scientists and Stakeholders: At the end of October, CANPOLIN held two successful meetings as part of its final year "wrap up" activites. Click here to learn more.

New Job Ad Posted! Agriculture and AgriFood Canada is looking for a Research Assistant in Apiculture. See our Employment Opportunities page to learn more.

Now Available: The Tips and Tricks Guide for Pollination Biologists, a handy manual for students and others working in the field of pollination biolgy. The guide is an output from the CANPOLIN graduate student training workshop held at Simon Fraser University in July.

It's been a busy summer! CANPOLIN held several workshops over the summer, focusing on topics as diverse as mathematical studies of bees to climate change in the north and diagnostic technique for studying bee health. Visit the What's New page to find out more.

Two CANPOLIN researchers named to new provincial working group on bee protection (link to U of Guelph article)

"Theiving" Bees are window into health of bee communities (more)

Researchers study the role of bees in extraterrestrial crop production (more)

CANPOLIN launches new website on Best Management Practices for Crop Pollination in Ontario (more)


CANPOLIN hosts workshop on Pollination and Land Rehabilitation (more)


Fungus fights deadly bee mites in a two-pronged attack (more)


CANPOLIN researchers unlock secrets of museum specimens (more)

Researchers from CANPOLIN and STEP are building new collaborations in pollination network analysis (more)

This years Society for Mathematical Biology's annual meeting will include a mini-symposium on bees and pollination (more)

Special Issue of Botany Showcases CANPOLIN Research: the July issue of Botany will feature nine articles by CANPOLIN researchers (more)

WG2 Researchers develop new tool to fight honey bee virus (more) & (link to CBC video)

CBC's "Ideas" features Karen Kraft Sloan and Jeremy Kerr in a panel discussion on biodiversity and the environment (more)

Former CANPOLIN writer-in-residence Stephen Humphrey produces CBC documentary on bee intelligence (more)

New CANPOLIN study finds that the main suspects in bumblebee decline are only part of the story (more)

WG5 Researcher Tom Woodcock featured on CBC radio program Ontario Today (more)

Kerr Lab Launches Online Lepidoptera Monitoring Tool (more)

In the News: WG4 Researcher David Greene on pollen allergies and climate change (more)


CANPOLIN researcher helps solve mimicry mystery in the Syrphidae (more)


Results from the NSERC-CANPOLIN 2010 Beekeeping Survey are now available! Learn more...



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Floral Calendar for all of Canada now available.

Visit CANPOLIN's Best Management Practices for Crop Pollination website.

Watch Peter Kevan discuss how the Network got launched and what it has achieved over the last five years.

Click here to watch a video about CANPOLIN produced by the SPARK program at the U of Guelph.



Find out what our European counterparts are doing: STEP Project logo
The STEP consortium consists of 20 partners from 16 different countries, with support totalling about $6.5 million CDN over the five year term of the project. For more information, visit the STEP website. And you can follow STEP on Facebook or Twitter.

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