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BMPBEE Booth::  The CANPOLIN bee booth has moved! Formerly located at Greenway Blooming Centre, the booth was relocated in spring of 2014 to its new home at the Royal Botanical Gardensin Burlington. The Bee Booth is an amplified nesting cabinet which provides habitat for wild solitary native bees while offering an accessible window to the public to enhance our understanding and appreciation of our local pollination ecology.

Visit artist Sarah Peeble's Resonating Bodies website to learn more about other Bee Booth projects, the Resonating Body trading card collection, the Apiograph project on Vimeo, video poems about bees, and more. Resonating Bodies is where images, video, audio, and text bring together arts, pollination ecology, science and community on the web and beyond.

NEW for June 2013: Bee Trading Cards are now available for purchase through Pollinator Partnership Canada website. Two sets are availabe: bees of eastern Canada, and bees of the eastern USA.


Sample Video Poem (by former CANPOLIN writer in residence Stephen Humphrey and Sarah Peebles)

“Gracie” (Megachile relativa) cleans house - Another Ode to Gracie

She dances upside down, scampers
sideways, flies backwards. Her black
chitinous body forgets gravity. Bright
gold hairs on her belly announce, “This
two-week life: my only time to spark!”



Nico's wild bees & wasps ...an extraordinary Flickr photostream (Dr. Nicolas J. Vereecken at Free University of Brussels, Belgium)


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