Pollinator Diversions


Apiograph: Apiograph is an art installation that was part of the 2008 Resonating Bodies show at the *new gallery in Toronto. Using a live data feed of the pollination activity from a nest of Bombus Impatiens bees located in the gallery, a virtual garden was grown, visualizing the genetic diversity that bee polination creates (Vimeo link)

dandelion + apis mellifera


Honey, a Taste Sweeter Than Wine: an interesting blog piece on the history of honeybees from Gherkins & Tomatoes.

Resonating Bodies Bee Trading Cards: bee trading cards focus on the biodiversity of pollinators indigenous to the natural and urban ecosystems of the Greater Toronto Area. (PDF info sheet)

Nico's wild bees & wasps - an extraordinary Flickr photostream (Dr. Nicolas J. Vereecken at Free University of Brussels, Belgium).

Rick Mercer Get's a bee beard! To find the video choose Season 6, and scoll down to select October 7, 2009. It should be the first on the list on the right hand side of the screen titled "Beard of Bees".



The Hidden Beauty of Pollination - a Ted Talk by Louie Schwartzberg with simply stunning pollinator videography

Biodiversity Begins with "B" - a short video on biodiversity and bees

Life Cycle of the Honeybee in Less than Ten Minutes:

Orchid Bees - Euglossa

Pollination, Plants and Insects

Solitary Bees and Wasps: Nesting Materials, Construction and Lifecycles Part 1 of 2


DIY Bee Nests

Building Nests for Native Bees: some helpful ways that you can encourage Native Bees to your backyard.

Canadian Gardening Bee Box Project: creating a home for mason bees.

Resonating Bodies DIY biodiverse bee 'condos' (PDF): Bee/Wasps condos attract wood-nesting and pithy stem-nesting solitary bees and wasps. Easy DIY condos can include the following basic guidelines - you can make them in blocks, as free-form sculptures, or some sort of cross thereof.

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