Insect Identification

|Identification Keys|

Key to the Blow flies (Diptera; Calliphoridae) of eastern Canada with a key to Calliphoridae subfamilies and genera of eastern North America, and a key to the eastern Canadian species of Calliphorinae, Luciliinae and Chrysomyiinae. Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification. -Link-

Key to Bees of the Genus Dufourea: an illustrated classical key to identify the eight Canadian species of Dufourea, the only representative genus of the subfamily Rophitinae in Canada. -Link-


Key to the Bee Families of the World: An interactive and illustrated key to identifying any bee of the world to family level. -Link-


Key to Leafcutter and Mason Bees of the Genus Megachile Latreille (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in Canada and Alaska: web-based interactive key, and downloadable pdf file -Link-


Key to the Andreninae of the World: An interactive and illustrated key to identifying the Andreninae of the world to genus. -Link-


The Bee Genera of Eastern Canada: The 39 genera of bees found in Canada east of Manitoba are keyed in dichotomous format with all key features illustrated. Habitus photographs of males and females of representatives of all genera are provided. The biology of bees in general, and outlines of the biology of each genus are summarized. -Link-


A Matrix Key to Families, Subfamilies and Tribes of Lepidoptera of Canada: allows identification to the level of subfamily or tribe for most Canadian Lepidoptera, includes 222 taxa, and uses 73 characters with 266 character states. Taxon pages covering the diversity, diagnosis, and taxonomic references of each taxon accompany the identification key. Currently PC compatible only, Android and MAC compatible versions will be released at a later date. -Link-


|Identification Help|

For those looking for help with identification, please contact one of the following people:

For Fly Identification Jeff Skevington


For Bee Identification Cory Sheffield
  Laurence Packer
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