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CANPOLIN Symposium at the Entomological Society of Canada Meeting, Guelph, Ontario, October 24, 2013.

Ackerman, J. The effect of wind-induced motion on wind pollination. (PDF)

Chagnon, M. and M. Boily. AChE as a biomarker to detect sub-lethal impacts of neonicitinoids on honey bees. (PDF)

Chamberlain, S. Traits and phylogenetic history contribute to network structure across Canadian plant-pollinator communities. (PDF)

Currie, R. Overview of CANPOLIN research on managed pollinators. (PDF)

Elle, E. Highlights of CANPOLIN research on ecosystems.(PDF)

Greene, D. An overview of CANPOLIN rsearch on anemophily. (PDF)

Guzman, E. Research at the Honey Bee Research Centre.

Jesson, L. The influence of managed pollinators on pollen limitation and fruit set in low bush blueberry fields.(PDF)

McKechnie, I. Above and below: the relationship between teh level of mycorrhizal fungi colonization and pollination in lowbush blueberry. (PDF)

Packer, L. User-friendly approaches to documenting Canada's bee fauna. (PDF)

Pernal, S. The honey bee parasite, Nosema ceranae: biology, management and future directions.(PDF)

Pindar, A. Global change impacts on bumble bees across Europe and North America over the past century.

Schoen, D.S. Plant mating systems and pollination. (PDF)

Shipp, L. Managed bumble bees - a new delivery system for microbial agents for pest and disease management in protected and outdoor crops. (PDF)

Skevington, J. and S.A. Marshall. CANPOLIN research on Diptera pollinators. (PDF)

Weersink, A. Economics research in the Canadian Pollination Initiative. (PDF)

Wilkes, M. Comparing native bee pollination of wild and managed blueberry in Newfoundland.

Wray, J. Flowering phenologies and surrounding landscape influence pollinator community composition in a fragmented ecosystem. (PDF)

Zink, L., M.D. Wonneck and R.V. Cartar. Wild bee abundance and diversity in canola fields in relation in interactions of landscape composition and density of managed honey bees. (PDF)

Other Presentations from 2013

Kevan, P.G. Changing ranges of Ontario's pollinators, anthophiles & their associates. Entomological Society of Canada Annual Meeting, Guelph, ON, October 19-23, 2013. (PDF)

Kevan, P.G. The value of biodiversity to agricultural production and agribusiness: emphasizing the example of pollination. Global Partnership for Business and Biodiversity Meeting, Montreal, QC, October 2-3, 2013. (PDF)

Merilo, M., S.J. Adamowicz and R.A. Ali. On patterns of coevolution across cophylogenies. Evolution Society Meeting, Snowbird, Utah, June 21-25, 2013. (PDF)


Kevan, P. G. - Pollination, pollinators and agriculture. Entomological Society of America 2012. (PDF)

Pollination & Land Rehabilitation Workshop: 29 & 30 September, 2012, Columbus, Ohio:

Kamel, S. M. - Some efforts to conserve and restore leafcutting bees in Egypt. (PDF)

Melathopoulos et al. - Harnessing leviathan? Can the conservation of wild pollinator habitat be motivated by the value of ecosystem services to a commodity crop like canola (Brassica napus)? (PDF)

Tikhmenev, E. A. - Pollination of typical species in disturbed sites in the extreme north-east of Asia. (PDF)

Vaughn, M. - Pollinator habitat restoration from coast to coast: Lessons from the field. (PDF)

Wojcik, V. - Integrating pollinators into large-scale landscape restorations. (PDF)

Woodcock, T. - Assembly of plant-pollinator relationships and measurement of pollination service using seed set phytometry on regenerating lands. (PDF)


Les Shipp and Peter Kevan - L. Shipp, P.N. Silva, P. Kevan,V.L. Imperatriz Fonseca and M. Hrncir, The Buzz About bees, Canadian Greenhouse Conference, October 7, 2011 (PDF)

Peter Kevan - "Opportunities for Synergism with SASPA & Canadian Alfalfa Seed Producers", SASPA, January 14, 2011 (PDF)


2011 AGM Presentations:

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  • Student Presentations
  • Student Posters

WG 1 - Jeff Skevington: Fly Taxonomy (PDF)

WG 1 - Cory Sheffield: Bee Taxonomy (PDF)

WG 2 - Rob Currie: Managed Pollinators (PDF)

WG 3 - Dan Schoen: Plant mating systems, gene flow, and pollination (PDF)

WG 4 - Steve Murphy and David Greene: Wind Pollination (PDF)

WG 5 - Elizabeth Elle and Jana Vamosi: Ecosystems (PDF)

WG 7 - Jeremy Kerr: Prediction (PDF)

WG 8 - Almuhanad Melhim: Economics (PDF)

Prevention of deformed wing virus infection in larval and adult honeybees (Apis melliffera L.) by dsRNA. Suresh D. Desai, Steven Whyard and Robert Currie, University of Manitoba, & Young-Jae Eu, Chungnam National University (WG2) (PDF)

Bumble bees as vectors of the microbial antagonist Clonostachys rosea for management of Botrytis cinerea in wild blueberry. Kevin Reeh and Chris Cutler, Nova Scotia Agricultural College (WG2) (PDF)

Pupal development of Aethina tumida (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) under controlled conditions of colder soil temperature and moisture. Martine Bernier, Pierre Giovenazzo and Valérie Fournier, Laval University (WG2) (PDF)

Does it make sense to breed blueberries for bees? Gwen Huber and Kermit Ritland (WG3) (PDF)

The Canadian blueberry in Saskatchewan: Pollination and reproductive biology of Vaccinium myrtilloides. Danielle Stephens and Art Davis, University of Saskatchewan (WG5)

Bee diversity in organic and conventional hedgerows in Eastern Ontario. Joanna James and Pierre Mineau, Carleton University (WG5) (PDF)

Lorraine Adderley and Jana Vamosi, University of Calgary. Heterogeneity in selection on floral display in Plectritis congesta (PDF)

Lincoln Best and Laurence Packer, Department of Biology, York University. Canada’s Native Bee Diversity Hotspot: New Records of Bees (Apoidea) for Canada and British Columbia (PDF)

Kyle Bobiwash and Daniel Schoen, McGill University. Fruit set response of lowbush blueberry (V. angustifolium) in different introduced pollinator environments (PDF)

Nick De Silva and Laurence Packer, Department of Biology, York University. A Revision of the Cleptoparasitic Bee Genus Coelioxys (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in Canada. (PDF)

Donnie Eady and Fiona Hunter, Brock University. Differences in pollinators of Queen Anne's lace for dark and light flowers (PDF)

Gail MacInnis, David Timerman and David Greene, Concordia University. Measuring and modeling dispersal distances of anemophilous pollen (PDF)

Irene M. McKechnie and Risa D. Sargent, University of Ottawa. Impacts of landscape disturbance on plant reproductive success: Are there general trends and patterns? (PDF)

Joseph Moisan-De Serres and Valérie Fournier, Laval University and Madeleine Chagnon, UQAM. The effect of wind-breaks and forest borders on the abundance and diversity of native pollinators in lowbush blueberry (PDF)

Erika Nardone, Peter Kevan, Mike Dixon and Michael Stasiak, University of Guelph. Bees in space: the atmospheric requirements of bumblebees, Bombus impatiens, to be used as pollinators in a greenhouse on Mars (PDF)

Anya M. Reid and Christopher J. Lortie, York University. A pollinator oasis: trophic facilitation of the cushion plant Silene acaulis in the alpine of British Columbia (PDF)

Sarah J. Semmler and Anne Worley, University of Manitoba & Richard Westwood, University of Winnipeg. Effects of fire on community diversity and plant-pollinator interactions in the tall grass prairie (PDF)

Margie Wilkes and Luise Hermanutz, Memorial University & Chris Cutler, Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Growing wild? Pollination of managed lowbush blueberry in the absence of commercial pollinators (PDF)

More coming soon!

Peter Kevan - Alliances between beneficial insects, plants & fungi pollinate, protect, & promote crop production. University of Northern British Columbia, 1 October, 2010 (PDF)

Peter Kevan - Terrestrial Ecosystem Services & Biodiversity: Pollination & Pollinators. Charles Caccia: Contributions to Sustainability & Environmental Policy, University of Ottawa, May 13 - 14, 2010 (PDF)

Peter Kevan and Marianna Horn - Pollinators: Vital Key to Garden Diversity The Canadian Pollination Initiative and its Role in Urban Pollination Studies, Ontario Horticultural Society - Barrie, May 12, 2010 (PDF)

Thomas S. Woodcock & Peter G. Kevan - The Canadian Pollination Initiative: Projects & Progress, Pollination Guelph Symposium, March 27, 2010 (PDF)

Peter Kevan - Moncton Public lecture "Pollinators & Pollination: Canadian, Continental & Global Problems", March 19, 2010 (PDF)

Peter Kevan - Maritime Action Forum on Pollination Research "The Canadian Pollination Initiative: Interdisciplinary Insights & Organization", March 19, 2010 (PDF)

*Special Seminar* John Borden - The SuperBoost Saga: Development of a New Product Based on the Honey Bee Brood Pheromone (PDF, February 12th, 2010)

Peter Kevan - Canadian Club Halton Peel: Canada’s Pioneering Roles in Protecting Pollinators (PDF, November 2009)

Peter Kevan - CANPOLIN at Entomological Society of Canada Meeting (PDF, October 2009)

Peter Kevan - Pollination, Restoration and Conservation in the Niagara Region NRC (PDF, October 2009)

Chris Cutler - Atlantic Pollination Research at NSAC (PDF, June 2009)

Peter Kevan - Dump to Diversity, City of Gatineau (PDF, June 2009)

Steve Javorek - Foraging Resources and Native Bee Abundance, The Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) Atlantic Organic Berry Network Pollination Forum, P.E.I. (PDF, June 2009)

Elizabeth Elle - A Plea for the Bees' Needs, Simon Frasier University (link to video, April 2009)

Cory Sheffield - The Bees of Canada, Pollination Symposium

P. Kevan and M. Horn - Pollinators in the City: The Canadian Pollination Initiative and its Role in Urban Pollination Studies, Canada Blooms Ecology Day, Toronto, ON (PDF, March 2009)

Peter Kevan - Pollination for Berry Production, Truro, NS, for the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) (PDF, February 2009)

Peter Kevan - Pollination Problems for Southern Ontario’s Rare Trees, London, ON, for the International Society of Arboriculture, Ontario Chapter (PDF, February 2009)

Laurence Packer - Royal Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Science Losing the Buzz: The Disappearance of Bees and Why It Matters (link to video, October 2008)

Peter Kevan - Pollinators and Their Conservation: History, International Context and Canada's Role in Ottawa, ON, at 6th Forum of the Annual Wildlife Festival (link to video, April 2008)(PDF)



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Jewiss-Gaines and Hunter. 2012. Pollination ecology of Queen Anne's Lace (Apiaceae: Daucus carota). (PDF)

Sudarsan et al. 2009. Bee Cool: A Mathematical Model to Simulate Ventillation of an Industrial Honeybee Hive (PDF)

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