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Roussy, A.M.. 2014. The Sexual and Vegetative Propagation of Sugar Maple and its Threat from Norway Maple. University of Guelph PhD Thesis, 139pp (PDF)

Andrachuk, H. 2014. The quality of citizen scientists’ bee observations: An evaluation of PollinatorWatch at Royal Botanical Gardens and the rare Charitable Research Reserve. University of Waterloo MES Thesis, 112pp (PDF)

Evans, M.. 2014. Influences of grazing and landscape on bee pollinators and their floral resources in rough fescue prairie. University of Calgary. MSc Thesis, 129pp (PDF)

Bailey, P. 2013. Pollination Biology of the Endemic Erigeron lemmonii A. Gray, and its Insect Visitor Networks Compared to two Widespread Congeners Erigeron arisolius G.L. Nesom and Erigeron neomexicanus A. Gray (Asteraceae) University of Guelph PhD Thesis, 204pp (PDF)

Balsdon, J. 2013. Meadow restoration on former agriculture land in southwestern Ontario, Canada. University of Waterloo PhD Thesis, 169pp (PDF)

Bernier, M. 2013. Piégeage et développement pupal du petit coléoptère de la ruche (Aethina tumida) dans les colonies d’abeilles mellifères (Apis mellifera) du Québec. Laval University MSc Thesis, 91pp (PDF)

Kutby, R. 2013. Bee Communities in Restored Landfill Sites of Niagara Region. Brock University MSc Thesis, 147pp (PDF)

McLeod, K. 2013. Native bee (Hymenoptera: Apiformes) response to ecological restoration in southern Ontario. University of Waterloo MES Thesis, 142pp (PDF)

Moisan-DeSerres, J. 2013. Influence du paysage de bleuetières sur les communautés de pollinisateurs indigènes du Lac-St-Jean et évaluation du potentiel de pollinisation des pollinisateurs du bleuet nain. Laval University MSc Thesis, 130pp (PDF)

Nardone, E. 2014. The bees of Algonquin Park: a study of their distribution, their community guild structure, and the use of various sampling techniques in logged and unlogged hardwood stands. University of Guelph MSc Thesis, 191pp (PDF)

Muir, J. 2013. Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius, Fabaceae) and the pollination and reproductive success of three Garry oak-associated plant species. University of Calgary MSc Thesis, 161pp (PDF)

Onuferko, T. 2013. Restoration and succession of a bee community in southern St. Catharines, Ontario, within a ten-year study period. Brock University MSc Thesis, 149pp (PDF)

Sinia, A. 2013. Evaluation of the Fungi Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium anisopliae, and Clonostachys rosea, as Bio-control Agents against the Honey Bee Parasitic Mite, Varroa destructor. University of Guelph PhD Thesis, 181pp (PDF)

Timerman, D. 2013. Pollen clumping and release mechanisms in wind pollinated plants. Montreal, Concordia University MSc Thesis, 106pp (PDF)

Wray, J. 2013. The effects of natural and anthropogenic habitats on pollinator communities in oak-savannah fragments on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Simon Fraser University MSc Thesis, 95pp (PDF)

Zink, L. 2013. Concurrent effects of landscape context and managed pollinators on wild bee communities and canola (Brassica napus L.) pollen deposition. University of Calgary MSc Thesis, 71pp (PDF)

Albert, J. 2012. Natural History and Sociogenetic Organization of The Bee Halictus Farinosus (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) . York University MSc Thesis, 101pp (PDF)

Bobiwash, K. 2012. Pollination ecology of lowbush blueberry ( Vaccinium angustifolium) – The role of introduced pollinator communities, self- fertilization and somatic mutations on fruit set response. McGill University MSc Thesis, 90pp (PDF)

Callaghan, L. 2012. An evaluation of latent Dirichlet allocation in the context of plant-pollinator networks. University of Guelph MSc Thesis, 174pp (PDF)

Elwell, S. 2012. The effects of livestock grazing and habitat type on plant-pollinator communities of British Columbia's endangered shrubsteppe. Simon Fraser University. MSc Thesis, 120pp (PDF)

Gielens, G. 2012. Pollen limitation and network asymmetry in an endangered oak-savannah ecosystem. Simon Fraser University. MSc Thesis, 101pp (PDF)

Locke, M. 2012. A revision of Nearctic Dasysyrphus (Diptera: Syrphidae) Carleton University MSc Thesis, 223pp (PDF)

MacInnis, G. 2012. Measuring and modelling the dispersal of pollen and spores by wind. Concordia University MSc Thesis, 109pp (PDF)

McGrath, D. 2012. Reintegrating Canadian Agriculture and Ecological Land Management. University of Waterloo PhD Thesis, 174pp (PDF)

Reeh, K. 2012. Commercial Bumble Bees as Vectors of the Microbial Antagonist Clonostachys rosea for Management of Botrytis Blight in Wild Blueberry Vaccinium angustifolium. Dalhousie University MSc Thesis, 99pp (PDF)

Stephens, D. 2012. Pollination ecology and the floral reward of Vaccinium myrtilloides and V. vitis-idaea (Ericaceae). University of Saskatchewan MSc Thesis, 144pp (PDF)

Cordero, R.L. 2011. Annual Variation in Bee Community Structure in the Context of Disturbance (Niagara Region, South-Western Ontario). Brock University MSc Thesis, 141pp (PDF)

Crea, C. 2011. On the robustness of Dirichlet-multinomial regression in the context of modeling pollination networks. University of Guelph MSc Thesis, 123pp (PDF)

James, J. 2011. Native Bee Diversity in Conventional and Organic Hedgerows in Eastern Ontario. Carleton University MSc Thesis, 139pp (PDF)

Miranda, G. 2011. An Overview of the Genus Ocyptamus Macquart, 1834, With a Revision of the Ocyptamus Tristis . University of Guelph PhD Thesis, 620pp (PDF)

Nicholls, E. 2011. The effects of pollinators and sex ratios on the evolution of life-history traits in Aralia nudicaulis . Trent University MScThesis, 82pp (PDF)

Proctor, E. 2011. The Responses of Insect Pollinators and Understory Plants to Group Selection Tree Harvesting In Algonquin Provincial Park. Trent University MSc Thesis, 128pp (PDF)

Reid, A. 2011. Cushion plants in the alpine of British Columbia, Canada: Systematic review, trophic facilitation, and pollen limitation. York University MSc Thesis, 146pp (PDF)

Thompson, C. 2011. A CFD study investigating the influence of bottom board geometry on physical processes within a standard honeybee hive. University of Guelph MSc Thesis, 113pp (PDF)

Urbisci, L. 2011. The economic effects of size and diversity on apiary profits in Canada. University of Guelph MSc Thesis, 87pp (PDF)

Horn, M . 2010. A comparison of pollinator biodiversity between green spaces, industrial areas and residential land-use zones in urban, southern Ontario. University of Guelph MSc Thesis, 83pp (PDF)

Ramanaidu, R. 2010. Blueberry Spanworm, Itame Argillacearia) (Packard) and Bumble Bee, Bombus Impatiens (Cresson) Susceptibility to New Biorational Insecticides. Dalhousie University MSc Thesis, 107pp (PDF)

Morse, A . 2009. Floral scent and pollination of greenhouse tomatoes. University of Guelph MSc Thesis, 139pp (PDF)



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