CO2 Capture Installations

This list below provides links to industrial carbon capture projects sorted according to their region. Visit their websites for more information concerning their facilities.

CCS Installations in North America

CCS Installations Elsewhere


Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project
(Scotford, AB; H2 production)

Weyburn-Midale Carbon Dioxide Project
(Midale, SK; Pre-combustion, CO2-EOR)

Great Plains Synfuel Plant
(Weyburn, SK; Pre-combustion, coal gasification)

Boundary Dam Carbon Capture and Storage Project 
(Estevan, SK; Post-combustion, coal plant)

Pikes Peak South Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project
(Husky Energy Saskatchewan; Post-combustion, natural gas plant)

Zama Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project
(Zama City, AB; Post-combustion, natural gas processing)


United States

Kemper County Energy Facility
(Kemper County, MS; Pre-combustion, natural gas plant)

Texas Clean Energy Project
(Odessa, TX)

Lost Cabin Gas Plant
(Lysite, WY; Pre-combustion, CO2-EOR)

Air Products Steam Methane Reformer
(Port Arthur, TX; H2 production)

Coffeyville Gasification Plant
(Coffeyvile, KS; Pre-combustion; Oil Power Plant)

Petra Nova Carbon Capture
(Houston, TX; Post-combustion, coal plant)

Illinois Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage
(Decatur, IL; Methane production)

Century Plant
(Permian Basin, TX; Post-combustion, Oil and gas processing)

Val Verde Natural Gas Plants
(Sharon Ridge, TX; Pre-combustion, Oil and gas processing)

Enid Fertillizer CO2 -EOR Project
(Enid, OK; Pre-combustion, Fertilizer plant)

Saudi Arabia

Uthmaniyah CO2-EOR Demonstration
(Pre-combustion; Natural gas production)


United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi CCS Project
(Post-combustion; steel manufacturing)



Gorgon CO2 Injection Project
(Post-combustion, coal plant)

South West Hub
(Post-combustion, storage)



Sleipner CO2 Storage Project
(Pre-combustion; Natural gas production)

Snøhvit CO2 Storage Project
(Oil and gas processing)



Rotterdam Opslag en Afvang
(Post-combustion, power plant)



Petrobras LulaOil Field
(Pre-combustion, oil and gas production)



PetroChina JilinOil Field
(Pre-combustion, natural gas processing)

Yanchang Integrated CCS Demonstration

(Pre-combustion, gasification facilities at chemical plants)

Sinopec Shengli Power Plant CCS Project
(Post-combustion, thermal power production)

Sinopec Qliu Petrochemical CCS Project
(Pre-combustion, natural gas processing)