Group photo of Jeffrey, Braden, Smith and Weikai

A photo of the researach team taken in summer 2016. Left to Right: Jeffry Martin (Undergraduate Research Assistant, currently PhD student, Chemical Engineering, Un. of Toronto), Braden Kelly, PhD Biophysics, Un. of Guelph (completed April 2020, currently employed as Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry Dept., McMaster Un., Hamilton ON Canada), Prof. William R. Smith, Dr. Weikai Qi (Postdoctoral Fellow, currently Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Zentrela Inc., Hamilton ON Canada)

Not shown are: 

  • N. Hatefi (MSc Biophysics, Un. of Guelph (completed June 2019, currently at Agnostiq Labs, Toronto ON Canada)
  • R. Wilkins (MSc Biophysics, Un. of Guelph (completed Sept. 2019; now in PhD Chemistry program at Arctic Un. of Norway, Tromso Norway) 

As of early 2020, the team includes Professor Smith and the following:

  • Dr. Jiri Skvara (PhD Physics, Purkinje Un., Czech Republic), Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Dr. Braden Kelly (PhD Biophysics, external collaboraotr)
  • Javad Noroozi (Un. of Waterloo PhD Chemical Engineering student)
  • Leann Tran (Un. of Guelph MSc Biophysics student)
  • Meghana Munipalle, (Research Assistant, starting Un. of Guelph MSc Biophysics program in September 2020)