We’re all in this together! As a community, our efforts make a difference. By following simple safety protocols, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19 and help protect each other.

Simple Ways to Keep Ourselves and Our Community Safe

Stay 2 Metres Apart

Stay Home When Sick

Clean Your Hands Often

Cover Your Coughs & Sneezes

Don’t Touch Your Face


Learn more about U of G’s COVID-19 safety protocols.

10 COVID-19 Safety Essentials to Protect Our Community

Learn ten easy ways you can help protect yourself and our U of G community during COVID-19. Transcript

Who are you staying safe for?

U of G community members share why they are following COVID-19 protocols and who they are staying safe for.

U of G’s AVP of diversity and human rights, a community member who works in the Athletics Centre, and a varsity women’s basketball player share who they are staying safe for during COVID-19. Transcript

Learn how one of the University’s sustainability coordinators and an undergrad student are following COVID-19 protocols to keep others safe. Transcript

Why are you staying safe?

There are many reasons why our community is following COVID-19 safety practices.

Hear from an undergrad student, the assistant coach of the Guelph Gryphons women’s basketball team and the coordinator of the University’s Master of Public Health Program about why they are staying safe during COVID-19. Transcript

A U of G undergraduate student and the University’s internal communications manager share the reasons why they are following COVID-19 safety practices. Transcript

How are you staying safe?

There are steps we can all take to help keep each other safe from COVID-19.

Learn how one of the University undergraduate students and the associate director of the Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre are staying safe during COVID-19. Transcript

A U of G Custodial Services staff member and an undergrad student who also works at the Athletics Centre share how they are following and implementing COVID-19 safety practices on campus. Transcript

I am a Gryphon

U of G’s Gryphon Values show how we support our community. Learn how being a Gryphon means taking care of ourselves and our community during COVID-19. Transcript

U of G Handbook Champions Equity and Diversity During Pandemic

Learn how U of G’s COVID-19 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Handbook helps encourage belonging and community during the pandemic.Transcript