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    Competitive Research Grants 


The objectives of the competitive research grant program are to fund the in-depth analysis of an important trade or competitiveness topic and to support graduate student research. While the research can be theoretical, empirical or some combination of the two it should draw conclusions that are important for trade policy and/or competitiveness research and analysis.

Expected Outputs:

These grants are designed to fund graduate student research and they should contribute to the completion of a M.Sc. or PhD. thesis. In addition, a working paper suitable for posting on the CATRN web site and a separate trade policy brief (4 page maximum) is required. It is expected that the results of the research will be presented at the CATPRN workshop, by the graduate student or the project leader.

The working papers produced from CATPRN funded research are ideally the first drafts of journal articles. As such, they should not exceed 40 type written pages. Final drafts of theses are not acceptable as working papers.

Authors of working papers funded through competitive research grants are encouraged to submit their findings to professional journals, to make presentations at professional meetings and to stakeholders.


Proposals will be accepted from network members at any time. The goal is to fund 5-6 projects per year.

Proposals should not exceed twelve type written pages. The proposal should contain at least the following sections: 1) objectives, 2) research methods, 3) study importance, 4) milestones, 5) budget and other funding sources, 6) project leader and graduate student to be funded (if known).

Selection Criteria:

The key criteria are: 1) the project is focused on a high priority Canadian trade policy or competitiveness problem / issue; 2) the project funds a graduate student; and 3) the milestones and budget are such that the study results can be delivered on time.

Selection Process:

Proposals will be evaluated by executive committee and outside evaluators when necessary.


Funding provided by the CATPRN under this program:

Funding of competitive research grants will be handled by sub-contracts between the University of Guelph and the project leader’s institution. Funds can not be moved from one budget year to the next, payments will be made based on actual expenditures.

Review Process:

The working papers produced from CATPRN funded research will be reviewed by CATPRN members or outside experts.