CBaSE Ambassador Program

Passionate about entrepreneurship?

CBaSE is looking for 10 ambassadors to represent a wide variety of the programs at U of G.

Applicants must be able to honour a one year commitment.

This programs provides students an opportunity to create powerful impact for their peers and members of the local community.

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The Role

  • Market Research

    Connect CBaSE Staff to the entrepreneurship-related interests, challenges, and opportunities that are unique to U of G students

  • Provide Outreach

    Provide outreach, on behalf of CBaSE, to students across the university in an effort to increase student engagement and excitement about entrepreneurship

  • Marketing Promotion

    Promote CBaSE events and programming

  • Events

    Attend CBaSE range of exciting and compelling entrepreneurial events.

The Student

  • Change Maker

    Natural tendency to create change

  • Creative Thinker

    Finds creative solutions to difficult problems

  • Dedicated & Passionate

    Reliable and are excited about entrepreneurship

  • Interest in Entrepreneurship

    Curious about entrepreneurial thinking

  • Self-Development

    Appetite for learning and self-development

  • Community

    Yearning to be part of a community and a team environment

  • Advocacy

    Proven track record for advocacy

  • Impact

    Desire to make an impact

The Why

  • Create Lasting Change

    Chance to be a change maker

  • In-Depth Learning

    Learn more about entrepreneurship

  • Workshops

    Access custom workshops designed for the team

  • Join a Community

    A passionate team working together to make an impact

  • Skill Building

    Improve communication and team work skills

  • Network

    Meet entrepreneurs, like-minded students and faculty

  • Get Social

    Enjoy regular team socials